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I ❤️ Jainism -the Philosophy

The principles of Jainism if properly understood in their right perspective and faithfully adhered to, have great relevance for modern times. They establish universal friendship and peace through nonviolence and true social equity based on non-acquisitiveness. They reconcile diverse religious faiths, political parties, and communal and racial factions through the philosophies of non-absolutism and relativism. They promote ecological conservation through the values of self-restraint, an austere life-style, non-possessiveness, and kindness towards all beings. These principles can bring contentment, inner happiness and joy in the present life through spiritual development based on freedom from passions.

Non-violence (Ahimsä) which strengthens autonomy of life everywhere, non-absolutism (Anekäntväd) which strengthens autonomy of thoughts & speech and non-possessiveness (Aparigraha) which strengthens autonomy of interdependence are the three realistic principles which strengthen our belief that every living being has a right of self-existence. These principles translate into three practices: 1) you will not kill, 2) you will not trample others thoughts and 3) you will not trample nature. If everyone adopts these three ideas then there will be: 1) no acts of war, 2) no economic exploitation and 3) no environmental & ecological destruction.

This elevates the soul to a higher spiritual level, ultimately achieving perfect enlightenment, reaching its final destination of eternal bliss, and ending all cycles of birth and death.

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