Beyond Sustainable Economy

Posted: 05.09.2017

The purpose of this book is to make people aware of the tradition of humility throughout the ages as a basis of sustainable economy – indeed more then just sustainable economy. For 'sustainable' still allows for further growth and production, for exploiting the planet and tapping its resources – however only in such a way that we safeguard our future survival and comforts of life.

This may be achieved by the practice of non-possessiveness, non-covetousness, non-attachment, non-hoarding, non-accumulation, non-grasping, etc. All these ideas are covered by the Indian concept of aparigraha.


The tradition of aparigraha or humility is not a utilitarian or merely practical attitude of economy, but it connects the practical with the spiritual, the useful with the ethical. We can not go on with our planet as we do at present. We have to thoroughly review our values.


Beyond Sustainable Economy


Dr. Rudi Jansma, Dr.Sushma Singhvi




Prakrit Bharati Academy

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Beyond Sustainable Economy


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