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Posted: 04.08.2017
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English Pratikraman during Paryushan

Jai Jinendra,

The Festival of Paryushan is imminent, starting on 18 August. Paryushan is a time to look inside and reflect and seek forgiveness for our words, deeds and thoughts of the past year and unlock our deepest compassion. Forgiveness is important to move forward in life and doing Pratikraman helps us to achieve this. More over Pratikraman is also the time to celebrate the good deeds that have been done and harness and channel positivity towards all living beings

SCVP London is pleased to inform you that once again this year during Paryushan we have organised Pratikraman in English for all 8 days at two venues (Harrow Leisure Centre in association with Oshwal Association North West & Navnat Centre, Hayes in association with Navnat Vanik), with the sutras being recited in English as well as the original language. Explanations are given where necessary. The whole objective is to unlock our compassion and positivity.

Sometimes we do rituals without comprehension as to why it is done and while explanations are given they do not stay with us unless we repeat them continuously. So do come and educate yourselves about this most important of Jain rituals - all adults, youths and children of any age will benefit and can attend and actively participate and make forgiveness an essential part of your nature for the entire year.

See the attached leaflet for more information about the venues and timing. We look forward to welcoming you.

SCVP London would also like to advise everyone of continued calendar of events (see below) with the last Forest walk organised in August and of course start of the Autumn term in September with more exciting activities planned for the children and adults.

All the details of our forthcoming events are enclosed below and on our website (www.scvp.info).

We would be delighted for you and your families to be a part of these exciting events and activities.

Kind Regards
SCVP London Teachers & Committee    

SCVP English Pratikraman - Paryushan 2017

SCVP English Pratikraman - Paryushan 2017

SCVP/Young Jains Forest Walks – 4th Walk on Sunday August 13th 2017

The last of four walks organised by SCVP in conjunction with Young Jains is on Sunday 13 August 2017.

It is a family event and we welcome you all including your friends and family to join the walk.

Details are as follows:

Date:         Sunday 13 August 2017
Location:  Potters Bar (Start at Oshwal Centre)
Time:        11am.

Please send a text with the message FOREST WALK to register your interest and to be added to the WhatsApp group to any of the organisers below:

Ketan Varia - 07803 009 053
Pramit Shah - 07979 536 456
Tejas Udani - 07710 560 921

2017.08.13 SCVP & Young Jains Forest Walk

SCVP Autumn 2016 Term Dates

SCVP Autumn 2016 Term Dates
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