The Secret of Past Lives ► 12 ►Preksha Meditation and Recollection of the Previous Birth ► Paid respects to God an enlightened sage: Rahima

Posted: 26.09.2017

Rahima came from Kazakhstan to the camp of Preksha Meditation. The practice really gave immense delight. She writes of her experience:- I had joined this camp for the first time. I was not quite well. After I participated in this camp I became alright. I feel rejuvenated and I am free from tension. By meditating deeply and the energy generated by the group I was able to go deep into meditation. While meditating I felt that I was a woman and there was a child in my lap. I feel quite attracted towards the child. I felt that this child was mine. As I tried to move further I crossed a cave. The door opened towards a garden. I could see a realized sage seated on a crystal throne. I was thrilled to see him. My desire to see him was fulfilled. I felt blessed. I paid my respects to him and I also felt grateful to those who had paved the way for this kind of experience. I am totally relaxed and I feel so light.

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