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Posted: 23.07.2017
2017.07.02 Kolkata Chaturmas 77

 2017 Kolkata Chaturmas of Acharya Mahashraman



RSS cheif Mr. Mohan Bhagwat reached in the holy feet of His Holiness Acharya Mahashraman during Prime Sermon.
His Holiness Acharya Mahashraman preached in today's Prime Sermon that, The volunteers of the organisation Rashtriya Svayam Sevak Sangh (RSS) visit us at many times. This is seems to be an important organization, where discipline, patriotism and feelings of serving the nation are important, communalism and political party are inessential. The matter of spirituality, noble service, humanity and training of well-being is significant. If one listens the preaching of wise man and observes then his life can be better.

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