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Posted: 17.07.2017

09.04: Samyagyognigraho Guptih



 सम्यग्योग्निग्रहो गुप्तिः।


योगों का भलीभांति निग्रह करना गुप्ति है।





Gupti consists of properly restraining the mental, vocal and physical faculties.

This sutra states that the right control of mental, vocal and physical faculties constitutes Gupti. It was pointed out in the last chapter that the types and plenitude of Karma depend upon exercising of those faculties. The objective of spiritual pursuit is to make out the true nature of soul so as to remain tuned to it. Unduly exercising of one's faculties operates as a major handicap in remaining so tuned. A spiritual aspirant should therefore try to restrain those faculties to the extent possible. Observance of Gupti is highly helpful in that respect. Depending upon the faculty to be restrained, it is termed of three types. Restraining the mind is known as Manogupti, restraining the speech is Vachangupti and restraining the physical activities is Kāygupti.




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