16.07.2017 ►Chennai ►Mass Samayik and Tapa Felicitation

Published: 16.07.2017
Updated: 16.07.2017

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Chennai: 16.07.2017

Mass samayik was organised under the guidance of Sadhvi Kavya Lata at Sahukarpeth Sabha Bhawan. People in large numbers came to attend the program (which is clearly evident from the picture below). This was followed by felicitation of tapasvis. Sadhvi said that tapa makes the soul pure and should be practiced by everyone. Sadhvi Jyoti Yasha, Sadhvi Surabhi Prabha and Sadhvi Vaibhav Yasha sang geetika to glorify the power of tapa. 

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👉 चेन्नई: "अभिनव सामायिक" का प्रयोग और "तपोअभिनंदन कार्यक्रम" का आयोजन
प्रस्तुति: 🌻 *तेरापंथ संघ संवाद* 🌻


ShortNews in English:
Chandni Sethia

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