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JAINA Convention 2017

Jai Jinendra!


              JAINA   Convention has numerous Interactive sessions and one of them is the Jain   Education - a path to take Jain Religion from a footnote tradition to a   Mainstream tradition. We have a strong panel of speakers who would be sharing   their experiences on this topic. The evenings of Convention are going to be full   of entertainment, knowledge and fellowship. Do not forget to register yourself   and your family for this 5 year extravaganza. We promise you lot of sweet   memories, new friends, and of course knowledge about our religion.


              Kids Club, Youth Activity (YA), Jain Milan & YJP have also   lined up number of programs. Register for those sessions if you do fall under   their age group.


              We highly encourage you to register and take   part in Kids Club, Youth Activities (YA), Jain Milan or Young Jain Professional   optional track. Registration and a special band is required to attend these   sessions.


              To Register visit http://convention.jaina.org


Bus Transportation   Notice


                    We will be providing transportation to/from Newark   Airport (EWR) on Thursday, June 29th 2017 from 9 am to 6 pm, Friday, June 30th   from 9 am to 6 pm, and from all convention hotels on July 4th from 8 am to  1   pm.


                    Transportation will be provided to/from all JAINA recommended hotels   and halls from June 30 to July 4th, 2017




                    GUNVANT   SHAH

                    Convener, JAINA Convention 2017







Dr Jain will be moderating this session. Dr. Sulekh C. Jain is the Past Secretary and Past President of JAINA, Founder and   Co-founder of Jain Centers at Boston and Houston, Past President of Jain Centers   at Houston and Cincinnati-Dayton, Co-Founder of International School for Jain   Studies, Jain Spirit Magazine, Ahimsa Times and author of book "An Ahimsa   Crisis; You Decide" and many articles on ahimsa and Jainism. Professionally Dr.   Jain is a Mechanical Engineer and retired from GE 19 years ago. Since then, he   has been actively promoting Studies and Teaching of Jainism in Academia.


Dr. Nitin Shah a Professor of Anesthesiology   and Critical Care at Loma Linda University is Chairman of the External Education   Committee of Jain Center of Southern California (JCSC) and has been working on   advancing Jain Academic Education in Southern California and other Universities   in North America. He has organized 243 Medical and Surgical Missions in USA,   India and other parts of the World for which the community has honored him   several times with profound gratitude and appreciation. He will be addressing on Progress in Jain Academic Education.


Professor Jagdish Sheth is the Charles H.   Kellstadt Professor of Business at the Goizueta Business School at Emory   University. Professor Sheth has been on the faculty of Columbia University, MIT,   University of Illinois and University of Southern California. An expert on   consumer demographics, impact of technology on society and globalization of   competition and has been advisor to numerous corporations. He will be expressing   his views on 'Why we need Jain Education?'


Dr. Jeffery D. Long, a Professor of Religion   and Asian Studies at Elizabethtown College in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania and is   the author of Jainism: An Introduction. His doctoral dissertation at the   University of Chicago and much of his subsequent scholarship is focused on   Anekaantvaad and its relevance to religious pluralism and interfaith issues. He   presented the inaugural Virchand Gandhi Lecture at Claremont School of Theology.   He would be thanking the Jain community for its accomplishments in supporting   the academic study of Jainism.


Anjali is the current YJA Director of   Education and a Masters student at Columbia University studying Biomedical   Engineering. A former Pathshala teacher from JSMC and Jain Academic Bowl (JAB)   alumni, she started the completely online YJA Pathshala in January with the rest   of the YJA team to bring Jain education to youth who cannot attend traditional   Pathshala. Anjali loves to discuss Jain philosophy, practice, and daily life.   She will be speaking on YJA Pathshala


Pravin K. Shah is a founding member of Jain   Study Center of North Carolina (Raleigh). He is a chairperson of JAINA Education   Committee, in-charge of Jain eLibrary project, advisor to JAINA YJA and YJP   youth organizations. He is also a member of the Harvard University Pluralism   Project Advisory Council and director of Triangle Interfaith Association since   2002 and Uberoi Foundation of Dharmic tradition since 2008. He is a Jain   scholar, vegan and activist against animal cruelty. His topic will be JainPathshala; a game Changer.



                Jain Milan is an opportunity for   single Jain youths between the age of 21 to 42 to meet in person, to make   friends, to engage in networking, and to possibly find a life partner. In the   past Jain Milan sessions facilitated the interactions through Ice-breakers,   interactive sessions, speed dating, Mixers, Meet & Greet Events,   Relationship Workshops, and Garba-Raas.


                If you register for Jain Milan   program and you are 24 years or older then you will be eligible to attend some   Young Jain Professionals (YJP) sessions at no extra cost. Jain Milan had over   280 participants at the 2015 JAINA Convention in Atlanta, GA.


                Jain Milan Agenda*: Speed Dating, How to Introduce   yourself in person & online, Table discussions, Fears, Compromises,   Relationship building, Mela, Masquerade Ball, One-On-One meeting, and much more.


              We have over 500+ profiles on www.jainmilan.org, please register your profile today so you   can search for other registered participants and members that are single and   ready to mingle.



                Come with your dancing shoes in the   evening, we have the famous couple duo Sameer and Dipalee who would make you   dance, laugh and party with their Bollywood numbers.

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