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JAINA Convention 2017

Jai Jinendra!

In response to numerous requests from Jain Community, the JAINA Convention Board is offering, for a limited time only, a special 'two-day' convention registration. Until the May 31st, you can take advantage of the opportunity to register for either Saturday & Sunday (July 1 & 2) or Sunday & Monday (July 2 & 3) for only $199 (adults) and $149 (youths 6-17 years of age). The $299 regular rate for adults and $199 for youths for a full 'five-day' registration remains the best offer.

We highly encourage you to register and take part in Jain Milan or Young Jain Professional optional track.

To Register visit http://convention.jaina.org


Convener, JAINA Convention 2017

Below is the tentative program highlights for all five days of the convention:
For details please visit http://convention.jaina.org


There are many new initiatives this year at JAINA. Here is a list of just a few of new happenings at the JAINA convention. In the past, many of the programs taking place in some breakout session at satellite locations made them nearly invisible to most convention goers. This year, from the main stage we will offer:

YUGPURUSH: Most eagerly awaited play that has played from corner to corner in India with over 500 shows in Five different languages. It is based on true accounts of interactions between Mahatma Gandhiji and Shrimad Rajchandraji.

Finals of the JAB: Jain Academic Bowl - this Crown Jewel of JAINA is a showcase of achievements of our pathshalas and demonstration of hundreds of Pathshala teachers In a game like format, two teams will answer questions demonstrating their knowledge of basics of Jain principles and philosophy.

JAIN Acedemic Education Seminar: Achievments of JAINA Academic Liasion Committee in starting Jain coures, Jain chairs and Jain Seminars at 12 different American Univesities.

KUMMAR CHATTERJEE: Internationally famed classical singer will present Navkar Manntra dhun and demonstrate amazing power of MANTRA SHAKTI.

JIYO JI BHARKE: A play based on the theme of JIVDAYA enumerating immorality of experiments conducted in animal labs in the name of Science and in the service of cosmetic industries.

There will be other significant activities throughout the convention - First time ever, women's conference, JAIN Diaspora seminar and JAIN MILAN etc.


A special wrist band and a special ID will be issued ONLY to those who register for the full 5 days of JAINA & YJP or Jain Milan optional track.

Entrance and access to these programs are limited to those who have registered for optional and wearing appropriate badge and wristband. Most of the events and activities will be held at a different location dedicated only for Youths, YJP & Jain Milan registered participants. For security no outside access will be allowed.

Young Jain Professionals (YJP) is a North American non-profit organization, incepted in 1998 under the guidelines of National Federation of JAINA (Jain Association of North America). YJP is a rendezvous for Jain Professionals and Entrepreneurs 24 years and older to establish values through its members to uphold Jain values, principles and heritage while collaborating and giving back to the community and providing a forum for succession from YJA to JAINA.

Make lasting personal and professionals connections with Young Jain Professionals during JAINA 2017 Convention! Enjoy 5 days of summer fun with Raas/Garba, masquerade ball, mela and much more while getting a chance to network and mingle with likeminded professionals. Join our daytime events and learn new skills to elevate your career and personal life, improve your resume and network with fellow Young Jain Professionals.

YJP Agenda*:

Being Jain in the business world, Eating Jain meals in the USA, Build a Better Online You, First Looks Matter, Stay Fit, Community Service, Mela, Masquerade Ball, Team building and much more.

Please visit our website and signup for our newsletter http://yjp.jaina.org.
More information available online at YJP Convention 2017 site -


Jain Milan is an opportunity for single Jain youths between the age of 21 to 42 to meet in person, to make friends, to engage in networking, and to possibly find a life partner. In the past Jain Milan sessions facilitated the interactions through Ice-breakers, interactive sessions, speed dating, Mixers, Meet & Greet Events, Relationship Workshops, and Garba-Raas.

If you register for Jain Milan program and you are 24 years or older then you will be eligible to attend some Young Jain Professionals (YJP) sessions at no extra cost. Jain Milan had over 280 participants at the 2015 JAINA Convention in Atlanta, GA.

Jain Milan Agenda*: Speed Dating, How to Introduce yourself in person & online, Table discussions, Fears, Compromises, Relationship building, Mela, Masquerade Ball, One-On-One meeting, and much more.

We have over 500+ profiles on www.jainmilan.org, please register your profile today so you can search for other registered participants and members that are single and ready to mingle.


Breakout Sessions will intrigue and guide youths on making practical use of Jainism in an interactive format.
Young Key Note Speakers like Rahul Kapoor and Sajan Shah along with other renowned speakers, spiritual leaders and scholars will share their experiences and motivate youths to practice Jainism in daily life with scientific reason and approach.

Social Nights will be filled with fun, social and cultural activities like Raas Garba, Social Night, DJ Mashup and a Surprise event for the youths.
Team Building Activities will provide youths with an opportunity to bond with fellow Jain Youths from across US and also an opportunity to give back to your community.


We are really looking forward to having you at the JAINA Convention and having your kids participate at the Kids Club activities (Age 6 - 12)yrs. The kids can come to the Hilton hotel for the club after breakfast with their parents. These activities are designed to entertain and occupy your kids during the adult sessions. They will be ready to be picked up after 4:30. Activities include:

1. STEM Science related activities - science museum visit/robotics
2. Fun kid-friendly exercises
3. Learning about Mahavir Swami and his life
4. Games, stories, an ice cream social, crafts and non-stop fun!!

Any child who is not registered will not be able to participate in several fun and exciting activities,

Once again, registration is absolutely FREE and children MUST be registered to participate in these activities. Please log in to your JAINA convention account here to register your child for Kids Club. Thank you!

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