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Posted: 09.04.2017
Updated on: 23.05.2017

Jain Center of Southern California

"UDYAPAN - UJAMANU" (Celebration of Completing a Distinguished Austerity)


'Udyapan' is the ceremony of expressing a feeling of gratitude towards 'DEV - GURU' for having been able to complete an austerity or any spiritual activity successfully without any impediments. Commonly this is called 'Ujamana' or 'Ujavana'. This ceremony is performed by Donating/Giving Away those articles which are useful for the Temple; articles useful for the dissemination of Knowledge; and also those things which may be used by our Sadhu Bhagwants and Sadhviji Maharaj. 

The ceremony comprises of the Exhibition and the Donation/Giving Away of these articles relating to the "Temple", "Knowledge", and "Sadhu Bhagwants/Sadhviji Maharaj". The joyous devotees offer after the completion of their Vows, an Ornamental Canopy with the Velvet Back Curtain embroidered with gold and silver threads design which is usually used for the image (Pratima) of Bhagawan in the temples and for the Platform, which is used for delivering the sermon (Vyakhyan/Vachana) by Acharya Bhagawants. This is known as "CHHOD". Those who wish to participate in this ceremony please contact Yogesh Shah (Swadhyaya), Ketan Parekh at (714) 299-6789 or Kinal Modi at (714) 290-9981 ASAP with your request, as it takes time to make these "CHHOD". Samples of these articles will be on display at the Jain Center.

Nakro per each "CHHOD" is $501, and after the celebration, you will be able to take it home, if you so wish. 

you will  take it home to celebrate any religious anusthan. If you wish you can donate to any derasar or upashray.

CHHOD description:Size-Puthiu(valvet back curtain)3' X 5',Chandervo 3'x3',Toran3'x10"

                            (Atual will be 33"x 57",33"x 33",33"x 10" in above order)

: To choose-Maroon,Red or Blue

: At the bottom of puthiu-your message-150 words

: All chhods will be in Jardosi resam Bengali work

Please submit your request in attached form:
Click Here

As a part of celebration, JCSC will also be ordering different baskets depicting 'Gnyan', 'Darshan' and 'Charitra' upakarans which will be available for a Nakro of $101. Some of the themes of "CHHOD" are described here:

  1. Sayyam: Diksha-Anumodana.
  2. Tap Anumodana:  Navapadaji Ayambil Olee, Atthaee, More than 8 Upavas, MasKshaman, Vis Sthanak, Karma Sudan, Varshitap, Parshwanath Ekasana etc.
  3. Tirth Bahuman: Shatrunjaya, Shankheshwar, Giranarji, SametShikharaji, Ashtapadji etc.
  4. Ratnatray Bahuman (Gnyan, Darshan, Charitra): 45 Aagam, Gnyan Panchami, Aagam Purush, Sarasvati Devi, Gnyan Varadatta Gunmanjari etc.
  5. Puja, Pujan, Yantra: Siddhachakra, Vis Sthanak, Ashtapadaji, 45 Aagam, Bhaktamar etc.
  6. Mantra: Navakar Mantra, Bij Mantra etc.
  7. Paranu: Varshitap, Upadhan Tap, 14 Dreams etc.
  8. Miscellaneous: Ashta Pratiharya, Samovasaran, Kalp Vruksha, Madhubindu, Moksha, Six Leshya, Dharma Chakra etc.

JCSC will celebrate 'Udyapan'/'Ujamanu' during our Paryushan Mahaparva celebration of 2017, as "Dasahnika Mahotsava" from August 18-27

There also will be "Asthapadaji Puja" with grand replica of "Ashtapadaji and Twenty Four Tirthankars" which will be conducted by Vidhikar Hiteshbhai on Sunday, August 27.

At the bottom of CHHOD, you can add a message up to 150 characters.

Those who have already pledged, please submit your choice  of CHHOD with picture, number
and message.

Please choose a chhod from the link below:

For details and/or any questions, please contact: Dr. Mahendra Shah at 714-757-9490 or e-mail at drmcshah(at)hotmail.com



Kinal Modi
Public Relations
Jain Center of Southern California

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