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JAINA Convention 2017

Pathshala Teachers Conference at the JAINA Convention 2017

We have received some class room time for the Pathshala Teachers’ Conference during the JAINA Convention 2017 in New Jersey

We would like to request all JAINA Pathshala coordinators (or their representative) to make a presentation at the JAINA convention by providing their Pathshala information.

Please plan your presentation for maximum 7 min for 150 or less Pathshala Students and 10 min for more than 150 students.

For help in preparing your Pathshala presentation, the following three links have the copies of presentations and Pathshala information of various centers that we had received in the past teachers’ conferences. 

As we receive the updated information of your center, we will add/replace the existing information.  This way all Pathshalas of North America will have an opportunity to view other Pathshalas’ current activities and information. 

Please save these links. 

Pathshala Survey Form


Pathshala Presentation


Centers Curriculum



Following is the recommended list of items you should cover in the presentation.  You may add other items.

Please send an e-mail by Monday April 3, 2017 indicating whether you (or your representative) would like to make a presentation of your center at the convention. 

Please send your center’s final presentation by May 1, 2017 to the following e-mails.  We will inform you with the date, time, and class room number by June 1, 2017.  (Your center should be associated with JAINA)

Anil Shah - anilshah1948(at)hotmail.com  (coordinator)

Pravin K Shah - Jainaedu(at)gmail.com


Any convention attendees will be able to attend any of the Pathshala presentations.  The Pathshala activity program schedule will be published in the Convention Program book.

In addition, if you would like to display your Pathshala information and/or special projects information at the Jaina Education Exhibition place, please let us know - how many sq. feet of space you need to display your material.  We will coordinate with JAINA exhibition committee to display your material.

This is a great opportunity to present our Pathshala activities to all convention attendees and dignitaries, and also show how successfully we are able to run non-sectarian Jain Pathshalas (not associated with any sect of Svetambar, Digambar, Sthanakvasi, Terapanthi, Shrimad, Kanjiswami, Dada Bhagwan etc..) across North America.  Our children who are raised in this country are non-sectarian Jains. 

I would like to thank the Convention Program Coordinators Shri Dilip Punatar and Shri Dilip Shah, and the Convention Convener Shri Gunavant Shah (Jaina 1st VP) for their support in providing the opportunity to present Jain Academic Bowl (JAB) and Pathshala programs activities at the JAINA convention.

Pravin K Shah

919 889 1900 Cell


Recommended list of items for the Presentation

  • Name of the Center that you are representing
  • When did the Pathshala Activity start at your center?
  • Your Name, Contact details (Tel:, E-mail etc..)
  • Main Coordinator at your Center - Name and Info., Tel:  /  E-mail:
  • Total No. of Students in your Pathshala
  • How many group classes?
  • How many students in senior group classes (11th - 12th graders)?
  • How many Teachers for each group?
  • Any guideline-criteria for selecting - training the teachers?
  • Classes are on weekly - biweekly or monthly basis?
  • Classes are held during summer?   (Yes / No)
  • Time Duration for Classes (hours)?
  • General Trend for attendance (%)?
  • Minimum age to register as a student?
  • When does the Pathshala year start?  (like school year Sept. thru Aug. or calendar year?)
  • Do you follow JAINA published books for your curriculum? (Yes/No)
  • Do you have a set curriculum for each group? (Yes / No) Please soft copy to jainaedu(at)gmail.com and bring a printed copy at the conference.
  • Is there a periodic revision policy for the curriculum?
  • Do you have any registration fees? How much?
  • What does the fee cover?
  • Do you provide books, any other material to student?"
  • Do you have snacks - light refreshments - light lunch after the class session?  (Yes / No)
  • Do you have a set guideline for the Menu?
  • Are the parents allowed to sit in the class along with the children? (as a requirement or as they wish?)
  • Do the teachers interact with other group teachers for teaching style - topics - related to a student etc.?
  • How often do the coordinator(s) bring the teachers together to talk about progress and challenges etc.?
  • Does the teacher keep good records in a note book - binder for reference?
  • Are any special techniques used for Sutra recitals - for its meaning - public recitals etc.?
  • Are Debates or Academic Bowl type of activities nurtured in your classes?
  • Is there a specific method that you use for make up class of an absent student?
  • Do the teachers make a good use of flip charts - boards - electronic teaching style?  (Yes / No)
  • Do you have an Annual Day Type of program - like a stage program etc.?
  • Any specifics about prizes that you may be distributing for recognition or competition etc.?
  • Any outdoor activities during classes or at other time (such as camping, voluntary services, picnics etc.)?

Misc. Topics

  • Do you have young adult classes?  (yes/no)
  • Do you have adult Swadhyay activity? (yes/no)
  • Do you have language classes? (yes/no), Which languages?"
  • Do you have Community Work Activity? (yes/no)
  • What other activities do you have for the benefit of Pathshala Students?
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