Posted: 17.02.2017
By Dr. N.L. Kachhara
National Seminar on Jain Mathematics: Historical and Theoretical Aspects. Ladnun, 2009 1. Introduction Doctrine of Karma is the central principle in Jain philosophy and many other Indian philosophies. Soul bonds Karma of various kinds for the activities of body, mind and speech. It is only the Jain philosophy that also describes the mechanism of bondage. According to this philosophy the soul has two subtle...
Posted: 31.01.2017
By Prof. Dr. Prem Suman Jain
The Jaina thinkers have indicated the practical steps to be followed in the attainment of insight to the real nature of the Self and the knowledge of the various substances in the universe. The journey begins with the development of spiritual attitude. Acharya Kundakunda has indicated with sufficient clarity the nature of the fully liberated soul. According to Jainism, the march of the soul towards a spiritual...
Posted: 28.01.2017
By Dr. N.L. Kachhara
Abstract The soul associated with karma is impure and is in a perverted state. The pervertedness appears as a structure (virtual) in the soul. This structure of the soul has not been studied analytically. An attempt is made in this paper to present a model of the cognition process of the soul which enables to analytically describe the concepts like perception, intelligence, buddhi, mind, ahamkara and emotions...

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