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What's Happening Across the Globe
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A Devotee's Reflections on Tai Maharaj





A radiant being, many describe her as divine
At each and every precious moment
Touching the lives of millions
Showering love to one and all
And like the radiant sun
Illuminating our lives….



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An interview with Pujya Acharya Shri Chandanaji








Why is seva necessary in our lives, what is compassion, is ego and greed a hindrance to us, what is spiritual growth, should we run away from challenges? Questions of great importance which frequently arise in our minds! Let’s find out what guidance Acharya Shriji can give to us.





Veerayatan: Transforming hearts, minds and futures through Education
An update on Veerayatan’s new educational projects





Tirthankar Mahavir Vidya Mandir, Sanchore


Beautiful scenery from the land at Khandoba



While one could continue to build more temples in these villages, Acharya Shri Chandanaji’s vision is, “Why not, instead, turn the entire village into a temple?”

With this vision, Veerayatan is embarking on the project entitled, 'Jaha Jinalay Vaha Vidyalay' (The Schools Project) with the blessings of Acharya Shriji. Read further to get an update of this project and the up and coming schools in the various Tirth kshetras (pilgrimage sites).








Resolute faith and tremendous forgiveness
Aaryan Sheth, a SCVP student from London, has written this article about Terry Waite, a devout Christian who was taken hostage by terrorists in the 1980’s. Aaryan was inspired by Terry Waite’s positive attitude during confinement in a small dark cell for almost 5 years. Do you think you would be able to maintain an attitude of non-violence and forgiveness towards people who physically and mentally torture you for so many years? Reflect and share your views with us.








A Quiet Moment: Devotion
We say that nothing is impossible. So what do we need to succeed?



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Drop of Nectar: Generosity of a Saint
An inspirational story of Saint Thiruvalluvar, renowned for his humility and generosity.



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What's Happening Around the Globe



veerayatan global



Upcoming Events:
Volunteer Programme
For those in the 15-22 age bracket, why not avail yourself of this excellent opportunity to go to India and do voluntary work in Rajgir with Veerayatan, a leading NGO, to aid self-development and assist you with your further education applications and opportunities. The perfect way to start the summer!
The participants will be international with a limit on numbers for each program to maximize the benefits for participants. The dates for this first program are 29th July to 10th August 2017. For further details, please click here.













Veerayatan International U.S.A. announces the Leadership Team for 2017-18
Veerayatan International is a non-profit organisation founded twenty years ago with the inspiration from Acharya Shriji and through the dedication of Dr. Nayan Shah from Hughesville, Maryland. The organisation was established to support Veerayatan’s motto of Seva, Shiksha and Sadhana. 
Under Acharya Shriji’s visionary leadership, with the dedication of the Veerayatan sadhvijis and through the support of hundreds of volunteers and patrons, Veerayatan International has been able to serve thousands of people across the globe. However, there is still much more to be done!

The Executive Committee of Veerayatan International is working tirelessly to continue to promote the vision and mission of Veerayatan. Veerayatan congratulates the new postholders:




Board of Trustees:
1. Dr. Kiran Patel: Chair, Tampa, Florida
2. Mr. Jainesh Mehta: Houston, Texas
3. Dr. Vinod Shah: Mechanicsville, Maryland
4. Dr. Nayan Shah: Hugheville, Maryland
5. Mr. Amar Shah: Paramus, New Jersey 
6. Mr. Mukesh Turakhia: Missouri City, Texas
7. Dr. Kiran Mehta: Leonardtown, Maryland




Executive committee:
1. President: Dr. Kiran Mehta, Maryland
2. Vice President: Mrs. Punita Shah, New York
3. Secretary: Mr. Madhuker Mehta, North Carolina
4. Treasurer: Mr. Ambrish Shah, New Jersey



Members at large:
1. Projects Committee Chair: Mr. Mukesh Turakhia, Missouri City, Texas
2. Public Relations Committee Chair: Mr. Mukesh Gandhi, Sugarland, Texas
3. Fund Raising Committee Chair: Mrs. Prabha Golia, Manhasset, New York




veerayatan BIHAR



Upcoming Events:
Parshva Jinalay Pratistha
Veerayatan Rajgir will be hosting two important celebrations in early 2017. The first will be the Pratistha of the Parshva Jinalay, the temple dedicated to Parshvanath Bhagwan which has been built in the grounds of the Rajgir campus. This will be a very special ceremony on 17th February 2017 conducted by Shri Maniprabhasagarji Maharaj in the presence of Pujya Acharya Shri Chandanaji and the Veerayatan Sadhvi Sangh and will bring to fruition a long term project to create a place of worship within the peaceful setting of the Rajgir campus. There will be bhakti each evening on 15th, 16th and 17th February as part of these celebrations. For more details of this event, please click here.

Inauguration of Harikeshiya School
Veerayatan is also opening a further school in Pawapuri for the destitute children of the Mushahar caste, a neglected and outcast community. The children of this community have never experienced education before and will be the first generation to go to school. The school building for this new school, Harikeshiya School, will be inaugurated on 18th February 2017.

For more detail on any of the above, please contact:
Sadhvi Shri Sampragyaji:









Tirthankar Mahavir Vidya Mandir, Pawapuri organised an inter-house rangoli competition on 28th October 2016 with about 200-300 children taking part in this competition. What a wonderful way to show off one’s artistic talent and have fun!
On the occasion of Deepawali around 400 students of Tirthankar Mahavir Vidya Mandir, Pawapuri cleaned the Jal Mandir up to the road, the village temple and the outside of Tirthankar Mahavir Vidya Mandir. Having an opportunity to get educated is one thing but the value of giving instilled in these children for the betterment of the environment is priceless!
Tirthankar Mahavir Vidya Mandir, organised a state level teachers workshop under the guidance of CBSE, New Delhi. Sixty teachers from 20 CBSE affiliated schools participated in the workshop and were updated on the new regulations being implemented and teachers also had an opportunity to develop themselves further thereby delivering quality education for the children of Bihar.





veerayatan kutch



Upcoming Events:

Invitation to a grand celebration in Veerayatan Kutch and Veerayatan Palitana, 24th to 28th January, 2017
Come and join the celebrations of Acharya Shriji’s 81st birthday and the groundbreaking achievements in Kutch and Palitana. People from all over the world will be coming together to commemorate Veerayatan’s successes and see first hand how Veerayatan is embarking on the journey to transform people’s lives in Kutch and in Palitana.



Launch of the Samosharan Project
An extraordinary artistic creation, Samosharan 'The World of Harmony', will be launched in Kutch on 26th January 2017. The project will unfold the spiritual journey embodied in and expounded by our revered Tirthankaras in an interesting, unique and captivating way for the first time ever.

For more information and for registration please contact:
celebration2017(at)veerayatan.org  |  Tel. no: +91 98255 78723; +91 87586 49761






Students of Veerayatan Vidyapeeth, Kutch have again excelled by their outstanding performance in various sports competitions at District and State Level organised by the Gujarat Government. Additionally, Turiya Atik reading BCA (Bachelor in Computer Applications) has been awarded the gold medal by Kutch University at the 6th Convocation ceremony held on 4th October 2016 for securing top position in the BCA course.

Pujya Acharya Shri Chandanaji conveyed her blessings to the winners and Veerayatan congratulates the students.






Upcoming Events:



School Assembly
On Saturday, 3rd December 2016 SCVP children will dedicate their school assembly to honour Pujya Upadhyaya Shri Amar Muniji.  Each class will be presenting their love for Gurudev through various activities. Come and witness the children's creativity and passion for Gurudev.

SCVP term dates 2017
The new SCVP term will commence on Saturday 8th January 2017.



For more detail on any of the above, please contact:
Leenaben Shah:
leena(at)insightconsultancy.net | 
Ritaben Sanghrajka:








Diwali Poojan
To celebrate the Moksha Kalyanak of Bhagwan Mahavir, SCVP conducted Diwali Poojan under the blessings of Pujya Acharya Shri Chandanaji.
The Poojan started off with the Kumbh Sthapana ceremony, where stutis were recited by a group of musicians and singers, to call for abundance and fulfilment. This was followed by various poojas invoking the divine energies of the universe to bless us in the coming year, reiterating our faith in the divine and motivating us to move towards the higher aim of human life, the realization of our true divine nature. All the poojas were accompanied by singing praises of the Tirthankaras, the Gurus and the Agams (scriptures).
To align ourselves with the divine, various verses from the Uttaradhyayan Sutra, the last sermon of Bhagwan Mahavira, before He attained Nirvana, were briefly discussed and the devotees were urged to reflect upon them and imbibe the nectar contained therein.
It is important to realize that Shri Laksmi presents herself where the virtues of peace, harmony, righteousness, truth and compassion prevail and that the wealth, which we have, can only be multiplied if it goes in the direction of social and spiritual upliftment.





UNIted kingdom 

Upcoming Events:

Raas Garba on Saturday 10th December 2016
A Raas Garba programme for the entire family to come together and celebrate the end of 2016, dancing to the melodious live music of renowned UK singers Rajvee Punatar and Kaushik Khajuria. It promises to be an evening with a difference full of energy and positive vibes.

Term dates for January 2017
Winter term at SCVP London ends on 9th December 2016 and spring term commences on 6th January 2017. One of the adult classes will continue with the in depth learning of the Tattvartha Sutra. The other adult class will run a 10-week course entitled ‘The Journey into Self’.
For more information about the school, visit

For more detail, please contact:
Nileshbhai Kothari: nilesh.kothari(at)bt.com  |  Pramitbhai Shah: pramit70(at)yahoo.co.uk








SCVP London Diwali Celebration
We had a wonderful Bhakti event on the eve of Diwali at Kenton Derasar, London, where young children and adults immersed in a harmonious melody of beautiful songs reflecting on Mahavir Bhagwan’s timeless message to humanity.
On 4th November we honoured the importance of spiritual knowledge and the gurus who have imparted it to us, past and present, in the annual Gnan Pancham. The teachers and children of SCVP imparted to everyone the importance of making effort to gain spiritual knowledge and through a skit demonstrated that knowledge gained should always be applied and used with discernment. Gautam Swami, Sudharma Swami and Acharya Devardhigani were remembered and their efforts in handing down and codifying spiritual knowledge was appreciated. Pujya Upadhyaya Shri Amar Muniji and Pujya Acharya Shri Chandanaji’s efforts in modernising scriptural knowledge was acknowledged. The presentations were followed by the Gnan Pancham ritual in which everyone took part to respect the scriptures.
At the Gnan Pancham ceremony the students of SCVP displayed their entries for the annual Diwali competition demonstrating their creativity. Entries from children ranging from 5 to 13 in age included rangolis, Diwali cards and poems. The older students wrote reflections on spirituality and how it has influenced their lives. The standard of the entries was extremely high and the judges had to have animated discussions before agreeing on the winners for each category. Well done to all the participants.

Here is one of the poem entries, written by our 10 year old student, Hemali Kothari.

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