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Jain Center of Southern California

In This Issue

  • Ongoing Programs
  • Life Time Tithis
  • Upcoming Events
  • Dignitary Visits/Shibir
  • Daylight Saving Time Ends
  • JCYC Halloween Celebrations -11/6
  • Satsang -11/6
  • Gyan Panchami,Kartiki Punam & Pat Darshan at JCSC - 11/5,11/14,11/20
  • JAYA Diwali Mela - 11/13
  • Kartiki Purnima Bhakti - 11/13
  • Thanks Giving: The Jain Way - 11/24
  • Wellness Challenge
  • TCCOP & ACC Update
  • Other News & Events

Ongoing Programs | Nov 2016



Start Time

Daily Ashtprakari Puja


 7:30 AM

Aarti-Mangal Divo


 8:15 PM


 7:30 PM


Daily in the morning


Chaudus Pratikraman

11/13 (Chaumasi Chaudas - Dev Vandan 2:30 pm followed by Pratikraman),

 6:30 PM (Weekday)

 6:00 PM (Weekend)

Monthly Snatra Puja and Navkar Mantra Jaap

(First Saturday of Lunar Month)

 9:00 AM

Monthly Bhavna Bhakti


 7:30 PM

JCYC, JSG Pathshala,
Adult Swadhyay, Sutra Class

11/6, 11/13, 11/20 JCYC Class only

 9:40 AM •

Weekly Evening Swadhyay

Every Tue & Wed


14 Gunasthanak


By Hasendrabhai
(8.30 PM to 10.00 PM)

Shrimad Rajchandra Vachnamrut


 By Rameshbhai
(8.30 PM to 10:00 PM)


  • JCYC Pathshala Class on 11/20 will be from 8:40 am-11:30 am.
  • NO JSG Pathshala, Adult Swadhyay and Sutra Class on 11/20 due to Patdarshan/GBM
  • Sunday, November 13, 2016,we will show Karm Granth #1 swadhyays 1 and 2 by Pandit Shree Dhirajlal Mehta, in the Aradhana hall.
  • Adhaytmsar Swadhyays on Mondays and Yogshatak Swadhyays on Thursdays will be suspended until Shree Girishbhai returns in Late January 2017 or Latest in February 2017.

Life Time Tithis

  • 11/05 Shah Varshaben & Kunal-In memory of Tusharbhai Babubhai Shah
  • 11/11 Shah Vijay & Neeta - For Babulal and Lilaben Shah
  • 11/13 Shah Yogesh & Saurabh - Punyatithi of Shardaben Shah
  • 11/16 Shah Nilesh & Krina - For Shah Nanalal Chimanlal 
  • 11/18 Dr Anila Guruji - In memory of Dinesh Guruji

Send a photograph of your loved one to Kinal Modi at kinalmodi12[at]yahoo.com. Please contact Ketan Parekh at Ketan.Parekh[at]JainCenter.net for information, questions or any pledges.

Upcoming Events

  • Gyan Panchami Program - Saturday, Nov 5th, 2016
  • Kartiki Punam & Pat Darshan (Actual - Mon, Nov 14th, 2016, Observed - Sun, Nov 20th, 2016)
  • Thanks Giving The Jain Way - Thu, Nov 24, 2016

Dignitary Visits/Shibirs

  • To be announced

Daylight Saving Time Ends -Time Changes Night Of Sat-Sun, Nov 6th, 2016

Daylight Saving time ends this Sunday - Nov 6th, 2016. This also happens to be the day when we have the JCYC Pathshala / JSG Class and Swadhyay. So, please adjust your clocks and arrive on time for these classes.

The clocks need to be 'put BACK' by one hour.

An easy way to remember this is: "Spring Forward - Fall Back"

So, you get that extra one hour of sleep on Saturday night, as the Sun will set early and it will become dark faster.

Upcoming JCYC Halloween Celebration - Sun, Nov 6th

JCYC committee is organizing Halloween celebration for all our children on November, 6th at 12:30 PM onwards in the main cultural hall.  This is a fun event for children of all ages.

Satsang Announcement - Sun, Nov 6th, 2016

Event: Webcast of the discourses on Shrimad Rajchandra Vachanamrutji by Pujya Rakeshbhai Jhaveri 

Date: November 6, 2016

Time: 1 pm to 3:30 pm

Place: Aradhana Hall

Gyan Panchami, Kartiki Punam & Pat Darshan Programs at JCSC

Gyan Panchami Program - Saturday, Nov 5th, 2016

Gyan Panchami is celebrated 5 days after Diwali and is also known as Laabh Pancham.
It is the day of appreciating acquired/collected knowledge in every form and holy books. 
A lot of people also observe fast by keeping silence (Maun).  
This is an auspicious day for those who want to start Pancham with Fasting. This year Gyan Panchami is on Saturday, Nov 5th, 2016. We will have Gyan Pujan and Gautamswami Sthapana at Derasar at 9:30 AM for anyone who wishes to perform Puja. Dev Vandan will follow after Puja. 

Kartiki Punam & Pat Darshan (Actual - Mon, Nov 14th, 2016, Observed - Sun, Nov 20th, 2016) 

Kartiki Punam night is considered as the brightest full moon night in the whole year as the rainy season is supposed to end and night sky is all clear. This is the day to resolve to free oneself of basic instincts.  

In the rainy/monsoon season, all Acharya Bhagwants, Sadhus, Sadhvis, Munis etc stay at one place and do not travel for four months.This starts from Ashadh Sud Chaturdashi and ends on Kartik Sud Punam. After Kartik Punam, their Vihar starts again to spread the knowledge of Principles of Jainism such as Truth, Ahimsa, and Compassion. 
A pilgrimage to Shatrunjay‑Palitana on this day is considered to be of great importance. Thousands of Jains go on pilgrimages on this day. This day also is celebrated as the birthday of Kalikalasarvajna, Acharya  Bhagavant Srivijay Hemachandrasooriji who was born on this day. (in Vikram Samvat 1134 or 1078 A.D.) Thus Kartiki Punam has a big significance for all Jains.

Kartiki Punam Celebrations are as below:

Day/Date Time Program
Monday, 14th Nov, 2016
(Kartiki Punam Actual Day)
9:30 AM Pat Darshan in Aradhana Hall
Sunday, 20th Nov, 2016
(Kartiki Punam Observed)
9:30 AM Pat Darshan with Khamasna & Chaityavandan
in Classroom 1&2(Upstairs in Cultural Center)
11:30 AM General Body Meeting,Classroom 1&2
(Upstairs in Cultural Center)
followed by Swamivatsalya Lunch

JAYA Diwali Mela - Sun, Nov 13th, 2016

JAYA presents Diwali Mela on Sunday, November 13th at 1:00 PM right after Pathshala at JCSC cultural hall!!  Come join us for rangoli, mehndi, crafts, sweets, snacks, cultural talent performances and lots more!!! 

SAVE THE DATE as you don't want to miss this fun and exciting event that we as a Jaya group will put together.  We want YOU to tell us what talent you or your child has and start signing up!!

We will be in the basement during lunch after Pathshala on NOVEMBER 6th for Sign Ups... so do come see us and give US YOUR IDEAS!!

THIS PROGRAM is about YOUR TALENTS, so PLEASE PARTICIPATE and let's make this EVENT a success together!!   

Please CLICK HERE for the flyer.

Look forward to seeing everyone!!

Shrimad Rajchandra Janma Din (Kartiki Purnima) - Bhakti,Sun, Nov 13th, 2016

On the occasion of Param Krupalu Dev Shrimad Rajchandra Janma Din (Kartiki Purnima),we will have Bhakti in JCSC Aradhana Hall on Sunday, November 13th, 2016 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

The agenda is:

1. Navkaar Mantra
2. Mangalacharan

3. Bhakti pads by Mumukshus

4. Kshamapana
5. Aarti
6. Mangal Divo
7. Aho Aho Shri Sadguru
8. He Param Krupalu Dev

If you would like to sing a bhakti pad, please let us know by Wednesday, November 9th., 2016 so that we can plan the program accordingly. 

Please feel free to contact any one of the following if you have any questions: 

Please come in time as the Bhakti program will start promptly at 2:00PM.

Celebrating Thanks Giving: The Jain Way - Thurs, Nov 24th, 2016

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated by many with the purpose to give thanks and be grateful for your family, friends and loved ones. This year we should all pledge to celebrate a non-violent Thanksgiving and strive to have a Jain Vegan meal.

In Jainism we are very careful not to harm other life forms and our rituals seem to emphasize beneficial regret and asking for forgiveness. Our Thanksgiving prayer typifies our Jain sensibility. In a complementary way, gratitude can bring a positive aspect to our care for other beings.

We sincerely pray that all the people of the world will avoid inflicting harm on animals and fellow human beings and practice nonviolence and compassion.We express our sorrow at the suffering of all the turkeys and other animals that are being slaughtered. May peace and compassion grow in ourselves and extend to all around us.

We will have recitation of the Bhaktamara Stotra on Thanksgiving day, Thursday, Nov 24, 2016 at 10:30 am in the Aradhana Hall. The Bhaktamara Stotra is a famous Jain Sanskrit prayer. It was composed by Āchārya Manatunga (c. seventh century CE) The prayer praises Lord Rishabhnath (Adinath), the first Tirthankara of Jainism. 

Requesting all to attend the Thanks Giving Celebration in a Jain Way!!!

Wellness Challenge - Eat Fiber Rich Foods

For the upcoming weekly challenge, we are challenging the participants to "eat fiber rich foods." In this challenge, you must eat fiber rich foods, which should include a whole grain meal per day. One of the most effective ways to lose the unwanted pounds is to control hunger, and eating healthy high-fiber foods make you feel full, so it helps resist the urge to eat more food than you need. If you are interested in learning more and participating, click here.

TCCOP & ACC Update

Our efforts of serving the community is continuing with your gracious support. We added few more projects this year and had very good support from the community.

We are continuing our routine of serving weekly breakfasts and monthly dinners, providing groceries, and visiting lonely patients. Beginning in October we are also serving fruits to the Sherman Oak High School students in Riverside CA.

Our thanks to Sarva Mangal Trust for providing 25 IPADS for Valadez Middle School.

We want to thank our sponsors for last month:

1. Bina & Mukesh Doshi
2  Nita Badani
3  Sonal & Ajay Shah
4. Jayu & Jagdish Shah
5. Shobha & Harshid Badani for sponsoring Dinner at Long Beach Church..
6. Annonymus for donating funds to purchase Rice & Beans to Giving Children Hope organization.
7. Rikin Shah(Son of Kalpana Shah) for providing Sandwitches to the homeless in Los Angeles.

We can help you celebrate yours or other family member's birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions meaningfully, by sponsoring an event in their honor! Also, if you want to help us in any of our projects please contact us.

Thank you in advance for your contributions. 

Please call 714-856-4256 or contact any of us at the following:
Smita Doshi: smitadoshi[at]gmail.com
Sachi Jain:sachijain311@gmail.com
Darshna Shah: dshsh50[at]gmail.com
Jayana Shah: jayana.n.shah[at]gmail.com
Prafulla Shah: prafullashah[at]hotmail.commailto:prafullashah@hotmail.com

Other News & Events

1) Mahamantra Shri Navkar Bhasya Jaap 9-24-16 Video Available

We all are very much impressed by the interest & faith all of you have taken in "Navkar Mantra Bhasya Jaap Anusthan"
We are all soldiers of Mahavir & it is our duty to spread Jain faith across the world & rest of the universe.
Let us All start with our home specially for our children in USA.
Preparation of this Bhasya Jaap was made possible by contribution from Hardik Doshi (Mumbai, India),
Specifically the slide Show and its content from the below Channel only and not any other websites or channels.

This Navakar Bhasya Jap can be enjoyed over and over again, and get great benefit every time, even sitting at home!
Smt Jayshreeben Doshi from Mumbai has presented the significance with various signs(Mudras) of Navkar Mantra Bhasya Jaap Anusthan.
Navkaar Mahamantra is truly a VISHWA MANTRA. No where does it mention the name of any Teerthankara nor any name of GOD
It simply says: “I bow to the Arihant, the SIDDH, the ACHARYAS, the UPADHYAYAS, the SADHUS/SAINTS, of not only of this WORLD but of the whole UNIVERSE - BRAHMAND!!! 
Collectively, they are called Panch Parmesthi (five supreme spiritual people). In this mantra we worship their virtues rather than worshipping any one particular person;
therefore, this Mantra is not named after Lord Mahavir, Lord Parshvanath or Adinath, etc. When we recite Navkar Mantra it, also reminds us that, we need to be like them. 
This mantra is also called Namaskar or Namokar Mantra because we are bowing down.
The Navkar Mantra contains the main message of Jainism. The message is very clear. If we want to be liberated from this world then we have to take the first step of renunciation by becoming a monk or a nun. 
This is the beginning. If we stay on the right path then we will proceed to a higher state, Arihant, and ultimately proceed to Siddh after nirvana (liberation from the cycle of birth and death). 
The goal of every Jain is/should be to become a Siddh

Navkar Mantra Bhashya Jaap 
The Navkar Jaap can be performed in thre manners i.e. 1] Bhashaya 2] Upanshu 3] Manas all these three manners of performing jaaps are catagorically best. 
The sadhak should go step by step i.e.to start with bhashya & then to manas.
Shri Jayantbhai Rahi has started this bhashya jaap with following 5 mudras & starting 5 mangals with "Aum Hrim Aum" since last 15 years with the blessings of as more as 80 Acharya Bhagvants, with the "Sangeet & Ragas" favourite of Arihant Tirthankars. 

So, undoubtedly, this is a UNIVERSAL MAHAMANTRA

Here is the YouTube link, provided by Narenbhai Maniar, to the uploaded revised video prepared by Pradipbhai.


જય જિનેન્દ્ર

નમસ્કાર ભાષ્ય જાપ નો મહિમા તો અચિંત્ય અને અપાર છે.

આપણે બહુ ભાગ્ય શાળી કે આપણને ભારતથી જયશ્રી બેન દોશી, અતિ પવિત્ર યંત્ર ને સાથે લાવીને આપણે વિધિપૂર્વક માર્ગ દર્શન આપીને નમસ્કાર ભાષ્ય જાપ સુલભ કરાવ્યો.  જયશ્રી બેને નમસ્કાર ભાષ્ય જાપ નો મહિમા સુંદર રીતે આ પ્રસંગે જાપ વિધિ દરમ્યાન સમજાવ્યો છે. મુદ્રાના ચિત્રો નો પણ સમાવેશ કરેલો છે. તો એમને જ સંભાળીને સાથે સાથે આપ સહુને નમસ્કાર ભાષ્ય જાપ કરવા અમારી નમ્ર વિનંતી છે.  અને આ વિડીઓ ની સહાયથી નમસ્કાર ભાષ્ય જાપ આપણે સહુ નિયમિત પણે કરી શકીએ એટલુ સુંદર માર્ગ દર્શન આમાં સમાયેલું છે..

Please CLICK HERE for details of the various Mudras.

2) CA Election, Jain Centers Oppose Death Penalty: Yes on Prop. 62, No on Prop. 66

In the upcoming National elections on November 8th, there is a Death Penalty Initiative (Proposition 62) which will eliminate a Death Penalty in California, replacing it with Life Imprisonment without the possibility of Parole. The Jains (JCNC, JCSC & JAINA) have joined hands with other religious organizations (Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindu, Zoroastrians, Sikhs, Quakers, and others) in Silicon Valley to support this proposition #62 and advice respective communities to vote “Yes” on this initiative. We have taken this position because “a death penalty (which kills a human being) is against Jain tenets of ahimsa, anukampa, karuna, forgiveness, and sanctity of life, etc)”.  We also inform you that since no death penalty is fundamental to our teachings, that JCSC is well within the law to promote and support this initiative.

This religious group held a “Prayer Service” event on Wednesday, October 19 at 6:00 PM (see the flyer at this link) in San Jose to pray for the proposition #62 passage.  A Jain Prayer was recited in this meeting.

There is also a competing Proposition #66 that wants to “expedite the Death Penalty executions”. Obviously, we need to vote “No” for this initiative.

Lastly, we urge you to vote “YES” for Proposition #62 and “No” for Proposition # 66.

JAINA, JCNC & JCSC Brief Statement on Death Penalty: 

[Jains and Jain Organizations (JAINA, JCNC, JCSC) strongly reject the Death Penalty to anyone in California and worldwide. Jain tenets declare “All living beings are potentially divine and should not be deprived to reach the ultimate emancipation”. Its principle of Ahimsa (nonviolence), prohibits taking a life of any living being. Jains additionally believe, “Human Life is precious and Death Penalty is not the answer to any crime. Forgiveness is soul’s innate virtue and only it can bring closure & peace.”

3) International School For Jain Studies

The International School for Jain Studies has successfully completed their 12th summer school and are now ready to accept applications for 2017 summer for the following programs:
  1. ISSJS.2017-4W (June 11th – July 8th, 2017): This program is designed for undergrad. students, grad. students, degree holders, PhD candidates, professors and faculty members. CLICK HERE FOR POSTER
  2. ISSJS.2017-6W (June 11st – July 22nd, 2017): This program is designed for graduate students, PhD candidates, PhD scholars, full time professors and full faculty members. CLICK HERE FOR POSTER
  3. ISSJS.2017-Teaching for Peace (July 8th – 28th, 2017):This program is designed for teachers who wish to integrate practical nonviolence into their lives, classrooms and schools. CLICK HERE FOR POSTER

For further details & online application please visit www.isjs.in.  we have already updated website with new changes and ready to receive applications. Please let us know if any more details are needed.

For further details you can contact the person listed below: 

Sushil Jana
Admission Office
International School for Jain Studies
Website: www.isjs.in
Email: issjs_india[at]yahoo.co.in
Kinal Modi
Public Relations
Jain Center of Southern California
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