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Veerayatan NewsFlash - October 2016






Upcoming events:


Upcoming events:


  Upcoming events:






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Pujya Acharya Shri Chandanaji unveils ‘Veerayatan Vyom’ in Agra amidst Paryushan Parva festivities.


Acharya Shriji conducted the most magnificent Paryushan Parva in Agra. Not only this but the Paryushan was an amazing start to something very noble for Agra. We are happy to announce the splendid news of the inauguration of Veerayatan Vyom in Agra. This has all been made possible by the magnanimous donation of a heritage site by Mr. Ashok Surana and his family in the vicinity of the Taj Mahal. Read further.




Pujya Acharya Shri Chandanaji and Sadhvi Shri Shilapiji participation in an International Summit in Israel


Various renowned religious leaders and scholars, including Pujya Acharya Shri Chandanaji and Sadhvi Shri Shilapiji, gathered on a common platform for an open discussion, sharing experiences and opinions to lead the world towards peace, compassion and love. Acharya Shriji clearly expressed that it is impossible to bring harmony in the world unless there is religious tolerance amongst the leaders. Read further details about the summit highlights.







Acharya Shriji Chandanaji, Sadhvi Sanghamitraji and Senator Richard Black from the State of Virginia




Pujya Acharya Shri Chandanaji’s USA visit
During Acharya Shriji's short visit in early October, she addressed the JAINA (Federation of JAIN Association in North America) leadership team and blessed Veerayatan devotees at Siddhachalam Jain Tirtha in New Jersey, USA. She also blessed and inspired the Veerayatan USA leadership team, patrons, donors and volunteers in New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Florida to promote Seva, Shiksha and Sadhana. 
Acharya Shriji visited the JAINA organized event "Global Peace through Non-Violence" in the White House and Capitol Hill, both in Washington, D.C. The purpose of the event was to spread the message of non-violence. Acharya Shriji and Sadhvi Sanghamitraji delivered the message of non-violence at both places. The White House event included reciting the Navkar Mantra, Uvasagaharam, Santikaram and Moti Shanti. The event at Capitol Hill also included Varghodo (Procession), Padmavati Poojan - Vakshashep Puja and Flower Puja.



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Upcoming Events:

Invitation to a grand celebration in Veerayatan Kutch and Veerayatan Palitana
A grand celebration is taking place from 24th January to 28th January 2017 to:

  • Mark 15 years of humanitarian, spiritual and educational excellence of Veerayatan in Kutch. Emerging from immense pain in the rubbles, Veerayatan has blossomed fostering happiness in thousands of children and stands tall today as a mark of exceptional service to humanity. 
  • Inaugurate Tirthankar Mahavir Vidya Mandir and foundation laying ceremony of ‘Pragyatirth Takshshila’ in Veerayatan Palitana. We are happy to announce that the school in Veerayatan, Palitana is almost ready to welcome children from disadvantaged communities who have not had access to education. Additionally, let us all join together to witness another milestone which Veerayatan is embarking upon to develop educational facilities for the whole of the Jain Sadhvi Sangh where Sadhvis will be taught Prakrit, Sanskrit, Gujarati and English as well as learning scriptures, comparative studies of religion etc.

Let us all get together and celebrate these groundbreaking achievements together with Acharya Shriji’s 81st birthday!

For more information and for registration please contact:
Email: celebration2017(at)veerayatan.org  |  Tel. no: +91 98255 78723; +91 87586 49761




The best decision ever made
At first we were apprehensive, as it was the first time we would be travelling completely independently and living in an entirely new place, but it was the best decision we had made. Our days at Veerayatan were thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding as we were welcomed with open arms by the Sadhvijis and the children at the Jakhania campus.  
Read further the experience of 3 girls, from UK, who went to Veerayatan Kutch to do voluntary work!




Upcoming Events:


Diwali Poojan
Date:  29th October at the Oshwal Centre
Time:  5.30pm - 6.30pm dinner and from 6.45pm poojan


For more detail on any of the above, please contact:
Leenaben Shah: leena(at)insightconsultancy.net | 
Ritaben Sanghrajka: ritasanghrajka(at)hotmail.com





Annual SCVP Jain school assembly with a Graduation Ceremony in the presence of Pujya Sadhvi Shri Shilapiji 
SCVP, which has been running classes for the past 19 years in Nairobi, had its annual school assembly on Saturday 2nd July. In the presence and with the blessings of Sadhvi Shri Shilapiji, 15 students graduated from the school on completion of a 10-year structured modular course in Jain studies. Find out how this was celebrated.




The Festival of Forgiveness
“Micchami Dukkadum”- Two simple words, a wealth of meaning:
‘If I have caused you offence in any way, knowingly or unknowingly in thought, word or deed, then I seek your forgiveness.’

During the festival of Paryushan, Pratikraman in English was conducted by the teachers of SCVP at the Oshwal Centre, Nairobi. Find out how this wonderful festival was celebrated.



Government supports Veerayatan Kenya and Young Jains Nairobi’s Cerebral Palsy Centre initiative



Dr Evans Kidero, The Governor of Nairobi County, with supporters of Cerebral Palsy Centre


A boy who could not walk is now independent after receiving a pair of crutches and what a smile he has!


Good news! The Governor of  Nairobi County has allocated a parcel of 2 acres of land for the construction of a world class Cerebral Palsy Centre. Veerayatan Kenya and Young Jains Nairobi will fund the entire cost and running of the centre, which should be ready by the end of 2018. Read more.


Update of Cerebral Palsy Unit

The well-established Cerebral Palsy (CP) Unit run by Veerayatan Kenya and Young Jains, Nairobi, with blessings from Pujya Acharya Shri Chandanaji Maharaj, is doing amazing work. The children with disabilities are given intensive physiotherapy to improve their mobility and dexterity. These children who would otherwise just stay at home are given an opportunity to get educated and more importantly make friends! Find out more about what’s happening at the CP Unit.



UNIted kingdom 

Upcoming Events:

The Festival of Knowledge - Gnan Pancham Celebration
Come and learn why we do Gnan Pancham and how we celebrate this festival of knowledge. We will be celebrating Gnan Pancham where we pay our respect to our Gurus, teachers, parents and all those who impart knowledge.
Date: Friday 4th November
Time: 8 - 9.30pm

For more detail, please contact:
Nileshbhai Kothari: nilesh.kothari(at)bt.com  |  Pramitbhai Shah: pramit70(at)yahoo.co.uk






Shri Chandana Vidyapeeth, Jain School - Start of New Term!

  • Our 2016/2017 academic year began with the Autumn term commencing on Friday 9 September. We kicked off with registering all children and adults including really young ones with commencement of a new class for ages three upwards. We had an excellent presentation by three youth teachers sharing their summer experience of volunteering at Veerayatan Kutch bringing alive the impact of the transformational work being carried out by all connected with Veerayatan. Read further on their wonderful experience.
  • SCVP London has commenced two adult classes this term - one class is undertaking an in-depth learning of the Tattvartha Sutra (That which is) - a work of immense importance. This most profound text on Jainism unparalleled in its comprehensiveness is explained via interactive sessions by SCVP teachers and provides an insight and understanding of the self. In parallel, SCVP is also be running a short 10 week course entitled Living with Awareness to explore the profound message of Mahavir Bhagwan. The course includes meditation, learning a prayer and analyses what daily living should encapsulate having regard to the principles of Jain religion.


Pratikraman in English during Paryushan
‘Fantastic and amazing experience! We felt the vibrations of the children in our heart and mind. I took great feeling home and asked my husband to join with me today.’ (Participant at Navnat Centre, 2016)
Find out how Pratikraman in English is conducted to ensure understanding for all, young and old.

Collection Drive 2016
Veerayatan UK and SCVP are working together with Oshwal Association of UK, Hope for Nepal, CARE Education Trust and Shishukunj to help the under-privileged in India, Kenya and Nepal, by collecting clothes and books. A collection was hosted at SCVP Jain school on Friday 16th September, where many volunteers sorted and packed clothes and books. 

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