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Posted: 05.10.2016
Updated on: 09.01.2018

2016.10.04 MUMBAI Muni Abhijit Kumar Muni Mahendra Kumar Muni Ajit Kumar
Muni Abhijit Kumar, Muni Mahendra Kumar, Muni Ajit Kumar

Shortnews in English:

Violence can be stopped by Coordination of Science and Religion - Muni Mahendra Kumar

Workshop was held to solve problems of present world by coordination religion and science was held at Mahapragya Public School in presence of Muni Mahendra Kumar. Function was started by Mangal Song by Teyup members. 
Acharya Mahashraman in his video message told science and religion both are important. Ultimate purpose of both is to search truth. Both have little difference religion is way to attain Moksha and Science try to search Moksha. Comparative study of religion and science is useful.
Muni Mahendra Kumar told so many wars are going in world and he opined that war of thoughts is one of them. We got so many good things by heritage and want to prove in laboratory so we can give something special to world which is proved by science. We want to understand activity of people and what Harmon are responsible for that and we can change it by religion. 
Muni Abhijit Kumar told that science and religion are complementary to each other and it was proved by Muni Mahemdra Kumar many times and many scientists accepted this fact.
BJP MLA Mangal Prabhat Lodha  told Jainology is based on science. MLA  Raj Purohit told Mahavir preached non-violence and Muni Mahendra Kumar is trying to awaken people to adopt nonviolence.

Mohan Pamecha of Murtipujak sect and Chatarlal Lodha  of Sthanakvasi sect spoke on occasion. Mahasabha President Kishanlal Dagalia and Mahila mandal vice president Kumud Kachhara were present in function. Kumud Kachhara told we should pay attention to our children for good Sanskar to make them good youth.

Atul Shah, Champalal Vardhan, Ramesh Dhakad, Rajmal Jain, Salil Lodha, Ramesh Sutaria, Ganpat Dagalia, Yogesh Chowdhary, Manish Kothari, Sumer Surana, Bharati Sethia, Devendra dagalia, were present beside many people.

Vote of thanks given by Pawan Bolia.

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