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Posted: 20.08.2016

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2016 Guwahati Chaturmas of Acharya Mahashraman




His Holiness Acharya Mahashraman preached on the festival of Raksha Bandhan (Festival of Brothers and Sisters) that, today is Purnima of the month Shravana (15th day of Shukla Shravana). This day is famous as Raksha Bandhan in the World. Many of the sisters ties the Rakhi (An ornamental wristband an amulet or token of respect and affection) or Rakshasutra (Sacred thread) on their brother's wrist. This is the festival of joy, respect and affection between brother and sister in the World. This is a coincidence as I remember that, four pairs of one brother and two sisters are currently there in our Gurukul Vaas (abode of Sadhus and Sadhvis residing in the holy feet of His Holiness).
1. Muni Kumar Shraman and his two own sisters Sadhvi Shashi Prabha and Sadhvi Sunanda Shree.
2. Muni Vishrut Kumar and his two own sisters Sadhvivarya Sadhvi Sambuddh Yasha and Sadhvi Malay Shree.
3. Muni Vivek Kumar and his two own sisters Sadhvi Himanshu Prabha and Sadhvi Vishal Prabha.
4. Newly initiated into the monkhood pair of three siblings - Muni Keshi Kumar and his two own sisters Sadhvi Kamaniya Prabha and Sadhvi Aditya Prabha.
I found this as a certain coincidence that four triangles of own one brother and two sisters pairs are residing in the Gurukul Vaas this time. It is unacquainted that when four pairs of this kind resided in Gurukul Vaas before this. We should pay tribute to the parents who have given their three children one son and two daughters to Dharm Sangh. This is a great contribution of them towards Dharm Sangh.

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