02.07.2016 ►Calicut ►Mangal Bhawana Function for Samani Vipul Pragya

Posted: 04.07.2016
Updated on: 09.01.2018

Calicut: 02.07.2016

Samani Vipul Pragya and Samani Adarsh Pragya stayed few days at Calicut. She was able to awaken people of calicut spiritually. People of Calicut held Mangal Bhawana for her tour. Children, Ladies and Gents all expressed good wishes for her future journey. All layfollowers promised her to follow right way shown by her.

TSS Report

Gyanshala Children

Samani Vipul Pragya and Mahila Mandal. Sneh Choraria and Rajshree Pugalia

Mangal Bhawana Function

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