Posted: 04.07.2016

A kind of Svādhyāya (scriptural studies and teaching);

  1. To revise and contemplate on mentally the scriptural text and the meaning (which have been committed to memory), observing complete silence.

aṇuppehā nāma jo maṇasā pariaṭṭei, no vāyāe.

(DaHāVṛ Pa 16)

sutta'tthāṇaṃ maṇasā'ṇuciṃtaṇaṃ.

(DaĀCū p.16)

  1. Just as a red hot iron (kept in fire) identifies itself with fire, so also by dedicating one's psyche completely to one's aim, to practice mentally what one has already known or understood.

adhigatapadārthaprakriyasya taptāyaspiṇḍavaciarpitacetaso manasā'bhyāso'nuprekṣā.

(TaVā 9.25)

  1. Contemplative meditation - It consists in contemplating upon the twelve themes like the transitoriness (of things), refugelessness nature of mundane objects and the like for the steadiness of the mind.

manaḥsthairyāya anityādyarthānuprekṣaṇaṃ anuprekṣa.

anuprekṣaṇaṃ - arthavimarśanaṃ anuprekṣā.

(Jaisidī 6.19 Vṛ)


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