Anādi Pāriṇāmika

Posted: 27.06.2016

A type of a Pāriṇāmika Bhāva (innate state of the substance due to its spontaneous transformation);

that Pāriṇāmika Bhāva, which is without a beginning. There are ten such transformations viz., Dharmāstikāya (fundamental substance qua medium of motion), Adharmāstikāya (fundamental substance qua medium of rest) Ākāśāstikāya (fundamental substance qua' medium of space), Jīva (soul), Pudgalāstikāya (fundamental substance qua medium of physical order of existence), Kāla (time). Loka (cosmos) Aloka (supra-cosmos), eligibility for emancipation (bhavyatva) and ineligibility for emancipation (abhavyatva).

aṇāipāriṇāmie - dhammatthikāe adhammatthikae agasatthikāe jīvatthikāe poggalatthikāe addhāsamae loe aloe bhavasiddhiyā abhavasiddhiyā

(Amu 288)


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