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Jain Vegans
Jain Vegans


There are going to be some fantastic vegan weekend events this July.  Read on for information about these and other upcoming exciting events.

This year’s Young Jains Convention, Pause for Peace, will focus on mindfulness and how to cultivate peace in day-to-day life.  All meals and snacks will be 100% vegan, and Jain friendly too.


There will also be a large group of Jains climbing Mount Snowdon in Wales as part of this year’s Snowdon Vegan Party.





Young Jains Convention, Pause for Peace - 30th & 31st July



The Young Jains Convention, "Pause for Peace", is a two-day guided experience exploring the concept of Peace and Jain philosophy with an emphasis on application of practical tools and tips for your everyday life. Workshops, presentations and group sessions will all delivered in an interactive style during the day as well as social activities on Saturday night. You will be taken on a structured journey and will leave feeling inspired.

Open to all faiths, there will also be a kids convention running also!

All meals 100% Jain & vegan.

For tickets visit website: http://youngjains.org.uk/convention




Join 10+ Jains at the Snowdon Vegan Party: Fri 29th to Sun 31st July



The 4th annual sponsored walk up to the summit of Mount Snowdon will take place on Saturday 30th July. Everyone involved will be raising funds for the Vegan Organic Network, and also attempting to break the world record of the most people eating cake (vegan of course) on a mountain!!  The current world record (pictured) of 214 people was set in 2014 event.

The Vegan Organic Network is a UK registered charity which aims to research and promote vegan organic (also known as stockfree organic) methods of agriculture and horticulture throughout the world so that green, clean and cruelty-free food becomes widely available.  Vegan organic/stockfree organic broadly means any system of cultivation that excludes artificial chemicals, livestock manures, animal remains from slaughterhouses, genetically modified material and indeed anything of animal origin such as fishmeal.

If you would like to join the mountain walking group, please visit the following website for detailed information and registration: www.snowdonveganparty.co.uk. Several Jains will be taking part this year on the sponsored walk, including two youngsters, Rishabh (12) and Khilan (8, see photo below).  Even if you can’t attend, please consider sponsoring these bold brothers and their adult companions through Khlian Varia's mydonate page:

All proceeds go to the Vegan Organic Network




Shambhu's summer holiday cookery classes for children: 25th - 28th July



Nishma of Shambhu's is providing a hands-on cookery course intended to teach children (8-14 years of age) how to cook a variety of delicious healthy meals using only plant-based ingredients, from Monday 25th until Thursday 28th July.

A different country's culinary style (Mexican, Italian, Lebanese and English) will be featured on each of the 4 days of the course, however your child may book to attend for individual days also, availability permitting.

Further details and booking information can be found here.




Upcoming vegan events



Vibrant social events in London
For information on monthly informative talks, regular scenic walks at different locations in London, social meals at some of the best vegan-friendly restaurants in the city, social meetups in London among like-minded folk, check out the follow links:
London Vegans  and  London Vegan Meetup

Bournemouth Vegan Fair - Sat 25th & Sun 26th June
(Nishma & Mahersh Shah of the Jain Vegans Working Group will be running their Shambhu's vegan catering stall at this event:-))

Talk by the Animal Interfaith Alliance - Wed 29th June
(Nishma & Mahersh Shah of the Jain Vegans Working Group will be providing food for this event through their Shambhu's vegan catering service, via their special London Vegans service:-))

Maidstone Vegan Festival - Sat 23rd July
(Nishma & Mahersh Shah of the Jain Vegans Working Group will be running their Shambhu's vegan catering stall at this event:-))

Summer Holiday Cookery Classes for Children - 25th to 28th July

Snowdon Vegan Cake Party - Fri 29th to Sun 31st July

Pause for Peace - Young Jains Convention 2016 - Sat 30th and Sun 31st July
Vegan Jain meals included

For a list of many other great upcoming vegan events, visit this link:




Vegan recipes



Do you need advice and tips on how to veganise your favourite dishes or perhaps you're looking for ways to introduce more plant based cuisine into the family diet?  If so check out the following listings:

Would you like to share the recipe for a favourite Jain vegan dish? Please email us on cook(at)jainvegans.org for publication on our website.
(Please accurately state all measurements in metric units)




Abuse and killing of cows in milk production



The abuse and killing of cows on dairy farms is the main reason why many members of the Jain community have decided to make a switch to a vegan lifestyle:

  1. The cow is forcefully impregnated by means of artificial insemination. If a cow isn’t made pregnant, she won’t produce milk.
  2. The newborn calf is normally taken away from its mother within 24-48 hours. This is traumatic for cows, who, like human mothers, are very motherly and develop strong bonds with their babies.
  3. Male calves are killed shortly after birth or sold on for meat/leather production.  They have no other use to dairy farmers.
  4. Female calves are kept on to replace their mothers as milk-producing cows.
  5. The mother cow will be killed when 5-7 years old, even though she could live for 20 to 30 years if given the chance.  This is because after bearing a calf and giving milk each year, her milk yield drops such that it is no longer profitable for a dairy farmer to keep her alive.

Even though cows on organic farms might experience slightly better conditions, they are still artificially inseminated and killed long before they would leave their bodies naturally. For further information about the way in which cows and other animals are exploited in the milk production process, please visit the Vegan Society website: http://www.vegansociety.com/try-vegan/why-go-vegan


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