Posted: 21.06.2016

Infinity—A kind of mathematical number; that which never ends. By adding one to maxi­mum innumerable-innumerable, jaghanya-parīta-ananta is obtained. Ananta is of three types: parīta, yukta and ananta. Each of the first two are of three types: minimum, middle and maximum; the last (ananta-ananta) is of two types: minimum and middle. The difference between Asaṃkhyeya (innumerable) and Ananta (infinity) is that whereas the former is exhausted by substracting one each time, the latter does not exhaust.

(Sasi 5.9)

avidyamāmo'nto yeṣāṃ te anantaḥ. Kimasaṃkhejjaṃ ṇāma? jo rāsī egegarūve avaṇijjamāṇe ṇiṭṭādi so asaṃ puṇa ṇa samappai so rāsī aṇaṃto.

(Dha Pu 3 Khaṃ 1 Bhā 2 267)

  • Saṃkhyeya, Asaṃkhyeya.


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