19.06.2016 ►Calicut ►Workshop for Couple in Presence of Samani Vipul Pragya

Posted: 19.06.2016
Updated on: 09.01.2018

Calicut: 19.06.2016

Workshop for couples were organised in Presence of Samani Vipul Pragya. 25 Couple participated in Workshop. Samani Vipul Pragya told all days of week are important if you live in family. She termed men as brain and women as heart of family. She also give some useful tip for complete harmony between couple. Samani Adarsh Pragya was also guided participants.

Samani Vipul Pragya

Samani Vipul Pragya with Mahila Mandal. Rajshree Pugalia is standing just behind Samani Ji.

Workshop for Couple

Mahila Mandal Presenting song. Rajshree Pugalia standing on left side

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