20.04.2016 ►Ahmedabad ►Mahaveer Jayanti Celebration

Posted: 21.04.2016
Updated on: 09.01.2018

Ahmedabad: 20.04.2016

Under the auspicious presence of Sadhvi Ram Kumari, Mahaveer Jayanti was celebrated at Ahmedabad. Terapanth Kanya Mandal, Ahmedabad staged a beautiful presentation of Fourteen Dreams. The entire Jain communities of Ahmedabad organized a cavalcade of Lord Mahaveer which was propitiously began with the reciting of auspicious Mangalpath by Sadhvi Ram Kumari. It was 3 km long and the strength was 800 people. Terapanth Mahila Mandal took an active part in this rally. Gautam Bhai Shah, Mayor, Ahmedabad also accompanied this.

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