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Jain Education and Research Foundation

The Sixth Annual Mahavir Jayanti Lecture at FIU

On 23rd March 2016, the sixth annual Bhagavan Mahavir Jayanti lecture was organised by Jain Studies program at Florida International University, Miami. In the begging of event Prof. Steven Vose, director of Jain Studies Program, FIU welcomed all the participants of event. Namaskar Mahamantra was recited by samanijis followed by short introductory speech by Samani Rohit Pragya, visiting instructor, religious department, FIU. She spoke on the relevance of Jain principles like Ahimsa, Aparigrah and Anekanta in contemporary world. Introducing the rich heritage of Jain culture she talked about the awareness of Jain community to protect and enrich their religion and culture in India as well as abroad. Prof. John Stack, Director of the School of International Public Affairs introduced Jain studies program and appreciated the presence of Samanijis at FIU campus to teach Jainism.

The lecture on “Locating Jainism in Maharashtra” was delivered by Prof. Whitney Kelting, associate professor of religious studies, North eastern university. Prof. Whitney, in her lecture discussed about new temples being built in Maharashtra which are not sited on Jain spaces of mytho-historical importance. In her talk, she focused on the strategy of building Parshva Prajnalay Tirth, Jain space created in Maharashtra out of nothing.

Lecture was followed by Q-A session. Event was attended by students and faculties of FIU as well as Jain Community of Miami. Bindesh Shah, President of JERF offered vote of thanks. The whole event was jointly organised by Bhagavan Mahavir Professorship in Jain studies, FIU and Jain Education Research Foundation. The whole event was very well received by audience.


2016.03.23 FIU.6th MJ Lecture - Recitation of Mahamantra by Samanijis


2016.03.23 FIU.6th MJ Lecture - Dr. Whitney Kelting & Samanijis


2016.03.23 FIU.6th MJ Lecture - Introductory Speech by Samani Rohit Pragya


2016.03.23 FIU.6th MJ Lecture - Prof. Whitney Kelting delivering her lecture


2016.03.23 FIU.6th MJ Lecture - Students and Community attending the event

Dr. Samani Rohit Pragya
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