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International Conference on Science and Jain Philosophy

A Summary Of International Conference On Science And Jain Philosophy

Venue: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Powai, Mumbai   Dates: January 8-10, 2016

The International Conference on Science and Jain Philosophy was organized by Bhagawan Mahavira International Research Center (BMIRC) of the Deptt of Jainology and Comparative Religion and Philosophy, Jain Vishwa Bharati Institute, Ladnun, Rajasthan during Jan.8-10, 2016 at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Powai, Mumbai. Prof. Samani Chaitanya Prajna, Head JCRP, was the Director General of the conference. Prof. Muni Mahendra Kumar was the Spiritual Guide Prof. N.L. Kachhara, Prof. Narendra Bhandari and Prof. K.P. Mishra, Former VC of NGBU, Allahbad, were the Executive Directors of the conference. A website was established for the conference to reach out to a large segment of people (www.icsjp.org).


The major objective of the Conference was focused to comprehend the Jain doctrines and practices in the light of modern scientific theories and laws and to utilize this comprehensive knowledge for the welfare of mankind.


  • Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
  • University of Mumbai
  • K.J. Somaiya Center for Studies on Jainism


  • The conference was comprised of 9 scientific sessions spread in 3 days, namely, Science and
  • Spirituality, Environment and Ecology, Laws of Nature and Karma Theory, Relativism and
  • Jain Logic, Jain mathematics and its Importance, Soul and consciousness,
  • Each Sessions was planned with a Plenary Talk followed by Invited talks and short talks.
  • There were organized 2 Panel Discussions chaired by a distinguished scientist/philosopher and panelists drawn from science, philosophy and spirituality were invited.
  • A Round Table session was organized with theme Developing scientific cum spiritual techniques for inculcation of moral values and development of EQ in global education curriculum.
  • Young Researcher Session was organized to give an opportunity to young minds to articulate their thoughts and opinions on the theme of the conference.
  • Poster Session was organized for presentation of papers and interaction with peers and scientists/specialists.
  • An Experimental Workshop was held  on impact of life style interventions, preksha meditation and yoga in achieving holistic health.


The conference was planned for about 500 participants. Registration of interested participants crossed 650 sometimes in middle of December and registration had to be closed due to limitations of accommodation and sitting space. Parallel sessions were conducted. Halls were full to capacity and extra sitting arrangements were required to be made. A total of about 850 delegates attended.
More than 20 scientists, philosophers and spiritual masters from about 17 countries delivered their talks. About 30 Vice Chancellors, Directors and other distinguished delegates from India delivered their talks.


The Conference was inaugurated by Mr Justice Dalveer Bhandari, a former Judge of Supreme Court of India and presently a Justice in the International Court of Justice, Hague, The Netherlands. Hon'ble Dr Harshvardhan ji, Minister for Science and Technology was the Chief Guest and Hon'ble Shri Shripad Naik, Minister of AYUSH and Health & Family Planning, Govt of India was the Guest of Honor. HH Rev Dalai Lama, Nobel Laureate was unable attend due to health issue but the Secretary of HH Dalai Lama Foundation, New Delhi, Mr Rajiv Mehrotra graced the occasion. Prof KP Mishra, Director and Chairman,ICSJP briefed about the scope and plans of conference. About 850 delegates and guests attended the conference. More than 30 Vice Chancellors of Universities and Directors of Institutes from India delivered their invited talks. More than 20 scientists and philosophers from about 17 countries of overseas attended and delivered their talks in the conference. Prof D.Parthasarthy, HOD, IIT Bombay welcomed the delegates. Shri BR Bhandari, Chancellor, JVBI presided. Respected Munishri Mahendra Kumar ji graced the dias and addressed the audience. Samani Charitra, VC, JVBI and Dr Samani Chaitnya Pragya , Executive Director of BMIRC addressed the august audience.


The Valedictory function was graced by Mr Justice Adarsh Goel of Supreme Court of India as Chief Guest and Mr Anurag Batra, Chairman, Business World and Mr Justice Jasraj Chopra (Retd.) of Rajasthan High Court and esteemed Spiritual Leader, Muni Mahendra Kumar ji graced the dias and addressed the delegates. Rev. Muni Nandigoshri graced as Special Guest. The respected Chancellor, JVB University, Shri B.R. Bhandari ji presided the function. Prof K.P. Mishra, Director, ICSJP presented his views on research and administration of BMIRC. Dr Samani Chaitnya Pragya ji welcomed the guests. Dr N. Bhandari of PRL gave a highlight of the conference.


A notable feature of the conference was technology based presentations including some talks on SKYPE from overseas and India.. Entire presentations and discussions of the conference have been recorded. A common viewpoint emerged that understanding of spirituality by employing the scientific methods and tools is timely and important. Scientists from West brought out the lack of information on Jainism compared to Buddhism and OSHO. It was felt that essentials of Jain preachings and traditions should be effectively communicated to western philosophers and scientists. The scientific aspects of Jain philosophy needs to be researched and presented to world. The concepts of soul and consciousness were discussed in the light of modern knowledge and deeper research should be encouraged. A notable aspect was eagerness of young scholars and others to know more about scientific basis of Jain philosophy and doctrines. There were several notable papers and demonstrations on life style practices and their impact on holistic health. The questions of ahimsa, anekantvada, preksha meditation were discussed in terms of modern physics. Biological aspects of consciousness and soul appear to draw attention of many scientists and spiritual leaders. Time constrain of speakers was a common concern which was acceptable due to more than expected general registration and invited speakers.


A Souvenir and an Abstract book were published which were released by hon’ble dignitaries in the Inaugural Function. It is planned to publish the Proceeding of the Conference in a book form. In addition, News Bulletin vol. 1 issue 2 of BMIRC was published on this occasion.
The deliberations of the conference attracted unusual media attention. More than 50 reportages in various Dailies of English, Marathi, Gujarati and Hindi from Mumbai and India covered the events of  the conference.


Delegates were given opportunity to express their views on relevant issues of Jainism and science. They were also given feed back form for evaluation of quality and future course. It turned out that expectations were high for starting  appropriate research projects on science and spirituality in the context of Jain philosophy at Bhagwan Mahavira International Research Center. It was suggested that BMIRC should be developed into a world class Research Center engaging best minds and talented scholars by granting fellowship.. A Ph.D. research program should be designed and implemented. In view of possible collaborations with reputed Institutions like TIFR, MU, IIT Bombay, BARC, NEERI,ICMR Laboratory, Institute of Reproduction and many others in Mumbai, it was suggested to establish BMIRC in or around Mumbai and some other metropolitan cities to effectively disseminate the message of Jainism on the basis of philosophy and modern science.
In modern society Jain preachings of non-violence and ahimsa have torch bearing roles to help steer mankind in right direction. It was suggested that such conferences should be organized every 2-3 years. Many youths proposed that conferences should be organized for young Jain students and scholars. Intellectual consensus was to present principles and practices of Jainism in innovative manner.

Dr K.P.Mishra, Director & Chairman, ICSJP-2016, Ex Vice Chancellor, NGB University, Allahabad
Ex Senior Scientist and Head of Division, BARC, Mumbai, 504 Neelyog Residency, K-1, Pant Nagar, Ghatkopar, Mumbai 400075Mob. +91-9320466999/9838737787
Email: mishra_kaushala[at]rediffmail.commishradrkp[at]gmail.comchairman[at]ICSJP.org 

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