25.02.2016 ►Jaipur ►MBDD Got Support of Rajasthan Government

Posted: 29.02.2016
Updated on: 09.03.2016

Jaipur: 25.02.2016

ABTYP collected 100212 units of blood with in only one day on 6th September 2014. And lodged his name in Guinness book. This year also blood donation campaign is being organized as Mega Blood Donation Drive entire year Campaign. It is known from 1st jan 2016 to till now in 67 blood camps by 72 blood bank around 4200 units of blood have been collected. National coordinator of MBDD told Rajasthan Government\'s National Health Mission Medical Health and Family Welfare Directorate Jaipur has supported to this campaign. The blood donors who are unable to donate the blood due to lack of hemoglobin, Rajasthan Government will make available free iron and folic acid pills to that deferral donors.

MBDD 2016.

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