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Jain Center of Southern California

In This Issue

      • Ongoing Programs
      • Life Time Tithis
      • Upcoming Events
      • Dignitary Visits/Shibirs
      • JAYA Event, 3/6
      • "Discover The Powerful You" Workshop, 3/19-20
      • Wellness Challenge
      • TCCOP & ACC Update
      • Other Events

                Ongoing Programs | Feb & March 2016




                Start Time

                Daily Ashtprakari Puja


                 7:30 AM

                Aarti-Mangal Divo


                 8:15 PM


                 7:30 PM


                Daily in the morning


                Chaudus Pratikraman

                3/8 (Maha Vad)
                3/22 (Chomasi Chaudus)

                 6:30 PM (weekday)

                Monthly Snatra Puja and Navkar Mantra Jaap

                3/12 (First Saturday of Lunar Month)

                 9:00 AM

                Monthly Bhavna Bhakti


                 7:30 PM

                JCYC/JSG/Pathshala/Adult Swadhyay

                3/13 & 3/27

                 9:40 AM

                Webcast of Discourses on Shrimad Rajchandra's Vachanamrut


                 1:00 to 4:00 PM
                Aradhana Hall
                By Rakeshbhai Jhaveri

                Weekly Evening Swadhyay

                Every Mon,Tue,Wed & Thu


                Shri Adhyatmsar Granth


                 By Girishbhai (8.00 PM)

                14 Gunasthanak


                 By Hasendrabhai
                (8.30 to 10.00 PM)

                Shripal Raja's Raas


                 By Girishbhai (8.00 PM)

                Shri Yogshatak Granth 


                 By Girishbhai (8.00 PM)



                Life Time Tithis


                • 2/28 Shah, Yogesh and Saurabh - In memory of Shri Anand Shah
                • 2/28 Shah, Dr. Jaykumar and Ramilaben - In memory of Shri Haribhai M. Shah
                • 3/2 Shah, Vidyaben Jayantilal - Birthday of Shah Vidyaben
                • 3/6 Desai, Suraj and Hetal (Shah, Navnit & Niru) - Punyatithi of son/brother Kamal Shah
                • 3/7 Shah, Jayantilal Chunilal - Birthday of Shah Jayantilal Chunilal
                • 3/24 Shah, Dilip and Pragna - Punyatithi of Manekben Shah
                • 3/31 Salvi, Kirit and Rekha - Punyatithi of Savitaben Ambalal


                Send a photograph of your loved one to Kinal Modi at kinalmodi12@yahoo.com. Please contact Ketan Parekh at Ketan.Parekh@JainCenter.net for information or questions.




                Upcoming Events





                Dignitary Visits/Shibirs


                • "Discover the Powerful You" Workshop by Shri Jiten Bhai Shah | March 19 - 20, 2016




                JAYA Bowling Event For Charity - Sunday, March 6, 2016


                ¡!¡ Its now time to block off your calendars for our next event!¡!


                Please plan to come for an afternoon of fun on Sunday, March 6th at 1:30 PM to Irvine Lanes at 3415 Michelson Drive, Irvine CA.  For just $10 per person, you and your family will rent bowling shoes and get to play games as time and space permits until 5:30 PM.  Come at your convenience.  Light snacks will be provided.   

                Sankara Eye Foundation (SEF), USA (SEF, USA) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the eradication of curable blindness in India. SEF, USA was founded in 1998 in San Jose, California by K. Muralidharan, K. Sridharan and Ahmad Khushnood. With hundreds of volunteers, SEF, USA covers several cities in the US.

                An estimated 55 million people in India suffer from some form of visual handicap. Over 8 million are blind which is 1/5th of the world’s blind! These are incredibly large numbers and Shankara eye foundation's bold vision is to work towards eradicating this problem by building 20 super specialty eye care hospitals across India providing free eye care to the needy.

                Sankara Eye Foundation, USA is a 501 (c)(3) registered non-profit organization and all donations are tax exempt in the USA.  For more details visit SANKARA EYE FOUNDATION link!!!

                CLICK HERE to see the Flyer for the event!!!!!!!

                Please make checks payable to Jain Center of Southern California.  JCSC will send the check to Sankara Eye Foundation.

                This event addresses two pillars of JAYA’s mission of fostering relationships in our community and supporting causes aligned with our beliefs.  We hope you will support the event and we look forward to seeing you there!

                We will be registering people on February 28th at the Jain Templeso don't miss this opportunity to help people in need.  You can pay on the day of the event, but please send an RSVP email to jaya.jcsc@gmail.com or call Kruti Shah at 714-585-5981 indicating the number of people that will be attending.  If you are not able to make it to the event, you can still make a DONATION for this worthy cause!  Please note that there will be shoes, balls, and bowling lanes appropriate for younger children.




                Discover The "Powerful" You, Weekend Workshop
                March 19 - 20, 2016


                Discover the "Powerful" You!
                Relations & Karma

                2 Day Workshop: Saturday, March 19th & Sunday, March 20th, 2016 at the 
                Jain Center of Southern California, Buena Park, CA

                After successful shibirs all across US last year, it will be our honor to have Shree Jitenbhai Shah (35 years old) conduct the second series of Discover the Powerful You on the topic of Relations & Karma. In this 2 day Workshop, HE will help explain the Karmic Effect that impacts our Relations. The workshop will cover how spirituality can help practically FLOW and GROW our relationships at home, work and society - in a very simple yet powerful way. 

                Last time over 1000 jignasus took advantage of Shree Jitenbhai's workshop. Both youngsters & elders equally benefited from HIS simple language, unique examples, audience interaction, and classroom approach. AND this time will be no different. 

                To register, please click the link below:

                To view a video on this topic, please click the link below:

                Meet the Speaker: Shri Jitenbhai Shah

                • Young age of 35.
                • Retired from active business by the age of 31.
                • Pursuer of Spiritual Sadhna for the last 18 years.
                • Swadhyay Karta on topics such as Nav Tatva, Bhakti Marg, Karmic Effects, Aatma na 6 Pad, Tyaag Vairagya, Uttam Sadhak, Bhakti Marg, etc
                • Conducts Shibirs all over India, Dubai and the US in simple Gujarti/English.
                • EC member of Shrimad Rajchandra Aatma Tatva Research Center.

                Barometer of Spiritual Life are Peaceful Relations!

                For any questions or concerns, please contact: 

                • Premal Doshi 213-210-3711
                • Hiren Shah 949-375-7063
                • Reena Shah 818-859-8183





                Wellness Challenge - Eat Fiber Rich Foods (Whole Grain Meal) Per Day


                For the upcoming weekly challenge we are challenging the participants to "eat fiber rich foods (whole grain meal per day)” Public health guidelines from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advise Americans to eat between 20 and 30 grams of fiber a day, but most adults don't even eat half that much. This isn't surprising, since fiber refers to the indigestible portion of plant foods, and in the largely refined standard American diet, healthful fibers are often processed right out. For more information and to participate in the challenge, click here




                TCCOP & ACC Update


                Tender Care Community Outreach Program (TCCOP) January 2016 Update & ACC (Anekant Community Center)

                Our efforts of serving the community is continuing with your gracious support. We added few more projects this year and have had a very good support from the community.

                We are continuing our weekly routine of serving breakfast and monthly dinners, providing groceries, and visiting lonely patients. We have started serving breakfast to Mental Health Assoociation of Orange County once a month. 

                We want to thank our sponsors for last month:

                1. Hasmita & Chandrakant Parekh

                2. Chetna & Rupen Patwa

                3. Deepta & Manesh Shah

                4. Bhavana & Harshad Doshi

                5. Priya & Sarju Vora for supporting Bag Pack for Buena Park Students

                6. Vinita & Salil Dangi for sponsoring Dinner at Long Beach Church.

                7. Anonymous for providing Breakfast and needed items for Mental Health Association, Santa Ana.

                8. Renu & Dilip Shah for donating a pallet of grocery to Giving Children Hope

                9. Mayuri & Mukesh Shah for providing grocery to shelter in Buena Park.

                We can celebrate yours or other family member's birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special occasions meaningfully by sponsoring an event or if you want to help us in any of our projects please contact us.

                Thank you in advance for your contributions. 

                Please call 714-856-4256 or contact any of us at the following:
                Smita Doshi: smitadoshi(at)gmail.com
                Sachi Jain:  sachijain311(at)gmail.com
                Darshna Shah: dshsh50(at)gmail.com
                Jayana Shah: jsdesigner(at)cox.com
                Prafulla Shah: prafullashah(at)hotmail.com




                Other Events


                1)  “Music and Poetics of Devotion in the Jain and Sikh Traditions” - Feb 25 - 27, 2016

                The Department Of Theological Studies at Loyola Marymount University will be holding their first conference, “The Music and Poetics of Devotion in the Jain and Sikh Traditions,” at the end of this month on Friday & Saturday, February 26 - 27th, 2016 at Loyola Marymount University. In addition to the expert scholars from around the world who will be presenting their most recent scholarship in this field, we will also have two musical concerts with master musicians to give participants not only an intellectual understand, but also an experience of the lived devotional practices of these traditions.  (Please see the attached flyer as well as the preliminary schedule.)

                This event is free and open to the public.*
                *Please note that parking costs $10/day M-F before 8pm and is FREE on Saturday. Anyone attending the lecture on Thursday evening or the Conference & Concert on Friday will need to pay for parking.

                To RSVP please download the Form at https://nirinjan.wufoo.com/forms/z5bve4n1hyp8zl/

                One part of the program will be held at the Jain Center of Southern California, Buena Park, CA on Feb 27th between 6.00 PM to 9.00 PM.....

                Please CLICK HERE for the FLYER
                Please CLICK HERE for the SCHEDULE DETAILS

                For further inquiries call Mr Nirinjan Khalsa on (310) 258-8621 or fax: (310) 338-1947
                or email him at Nirinjan.khalsa(at)lmu.edu

                2) 26th Annual Medical Camp At JCSC - Sunday March 6, 2016

                Same info as sent in separate Medical Camp email on Feb 23rd

                Jain Center and Anekant Community Center will host the 26th Annual Medical Camp at the Jain Center on Sunday - March 6, 2016 from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

                To register visit http://jcsc.homeip.net/mc2016/ or www.anekant.net. Password is FreeCamp.

                It is that time of year again, let us go and find out how did we do for a year, health wise of course? Our annual health fair will be on Sunday, March 6 and is just around the corner. Please start exercising and controlling your diet so that your sugar and Lipid profile come out normal!

                We will offer free dental extractions and fillings to those who need them. This is possible courtesy of Lestonnac Free Clinic. We have made arrangements for dental chairs and necessary equipment to carry out the dental procedures during the health fair. 

                We will have most of other services available as well and look forward to your participation. These include: Mammogram, PAP Smear, EKG, Eye Exams, Hearing Tests, Bone Density, CPR Training, etc.

                Please let your relatives and friends know of this great free event at the Jain Center so that they can make use of this opportunity. This is especially good if you have relatives visiting from India.

                Volunteers Required for Health Fair - Sat & Sun -  Mar 5 & 6, 2016

                This year, we would need a lot of help from the volunteers for the Health Fair. All who can help during this great event please do come forward.

                Medical Camp is Sunday, March 6, 2016 from 8.00 AM to 2.00 PM. The volunteers, however, need to come in on Sunday 7.00 AM for setup and training. Depending on the area you want to volunteer, the volunteers would also need to come on Saturday, March 5, 2016 from 2.00 PM onwards to make necessary arrangements and setups.

                Following are some of the areas we need help in. The number of people for each type is mentioned against it and also, if any specific gender (Male / Female) is required for the help.

                Booth Setup - 15 (On Saturday)

                Registration - 10

                Line/crowd control at registration 1+3 = 4

                At gate 1+1

                Height & Weight - 4 (Teenagers are fine)

                Blood work - 4

                Sugar Tests - 4

                Hemo Q - 2

                Pathology - 4

                Dental - Stage - 10

                Ophthalmology - 2

                Pep Smear + Mammogram - 3 (Female)

                Kitchen - 6

                EKG - 2+2 (2 Male+2 Female)

                Chiropractor - 1+1 (1 Male + 1 Female)

                Runners (Extra) - 6

                No walk-in Volunteers accepted. All Volunteers have to pre-register by sending an email to Narendra Jain on nuks_jain(at)yahoo.com or by calling 310-320-5570.

                You can be a great help even if you can volunteer a few hours of your time. Please note that we provide all students in School/College with Volunteer hours and certificates. If you are a medical college student or intend to join one, this exposure will be very helpful as well. If you can help during the Medical Camp, please send an email to Narendra Jain on nuks_jain(at)yahoo.com or call him on 310-320-5570.

                Are you a Doctor? If you are a Doctor and want to volunteer, please contact Dr. Ramesh Kothari on 714-771-7474 or rkdds(at)hotmail.com. Please let us know your Full Name, Contact Phone#, Email address and your specialty.





                Kinal Modi
                for the office of Public Relations

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