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Posted: 09.02.2016
Updated on: 09.01.2018

Balotara: 07.02.2016

Under the auspicious presence of Sadhvi Kanak Rekha, Terapanth Mahila Mandal, Balotara organized a workshop on an interesting matter 'Every Granth (The Holy Book) says Devotion is the Core Value of life' in three sessions. In the 1st session after Mangalacharana audience were engrossed in the class - Anupreksha of Sahishnuta (forbearance), taken by Mamta Golcha. The second session was of a speech competition on prayer in which all the members of Mahila Mandal put forward their views. Now last but not the least in the third session Sadhvi Kanak Rekha preached that prayer has infinite vigour, full dedication is must for this. She also made the people to know about four types of Ahara (Food we intake) and Tivihar - Chauvihar penance methods. 70 members of Mahila Mandal were present in this spiritual workshop.

Workshop Organized Under Auspicious Presence of Sadhvi Kakak Rekha

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