28.01.2016 ►HWPL Berlin ►WARP Office Dialogue of Scriptures

Posted: 30.01.2016

HWPL World Alliance of Religions' Peace, WARP

Invitation to WARP Office Dialogue of Scriptures

  • Date: Thursday, the 28th of January
  • Time: 14:00 to 17:00
  • Venue: Rathaus Charlottenburg, Helene Lange Saal (Otto-suhr-allee 100, 10589 Berlin)

We followed the invitation of HWPL with our friend Mr. Ajit Kumar Benadi from Jain International (Germany) e.V., coming from Hamburg to speak at the dialogue for the Jain view. The speakers followed the topic "role of scriptures" in their religion in different but very pleasant ways from abstract to personal views. Essentially all speakers stated that the deaper meaning of each scripture and the level of understanding play an important role in following the path of understanding the truth in life successfully which means peacefully.

The event was very well organized by the HWPL Berlin Team:

  • Mrs. Hara E. Jang, Director Europe
  • Mr. Vincent Kwon, International Liaison
  • Mr. Markus Roscher, Moderator
  • Mrs. Charis Moore, Translator

After the welcome speech of Mrs. Hara E. Jang, Mr. Markus Roscher lead through the program which started with a video of the WARP Summit 2014 showing and explaining reasons and intentions of bringing the religions together for world peace and the accompanying effeorts of HWPL.

The list of speakers started with the contribution of Mr. Ljubomir Leontinov, who unfortunately had to leave for another event shortly after his speech, so he is not on the group photo taken at the end of the event.

We enjoyed a lot of talks with the particpants (officials, speakers & guests) and took the following photos from the event:



2016.01.28 HWPL Berlin - Dialogue of Scriptures 7070


2016.01.28 HWPL Berlin - Abdallah Hajjir (Imam, Haus der Weisheit Darul-Hikma)


2016.01.28 HWPL Berlin - Ali Abi Issa (Imam. Muslim League of Poland) 7116


2016.01.28 HWPL Berlin - Bernd Zikeli (Prediger, Berlin Vedic Community) 7119


2016.01.28 HWPL Berlin - Ajit K. Benadi (Jain Association International Germany e.V.) 7100


2016.01.28 HWPL Berlin - Ljubomir Leontinov (Erzpriester, Bulgarisch Orthodoxe Kirche Berlin) 7084


2016.01.28 HWPL Berlin - Mudassar Aziz (Ahmadiyya-Moschee, Berlin-Wilmersdorf) 7122


2016.01.28 HWPL Berlin - Feizhou Zhu (Shanghai Mission Church) 7109


2016.01.28 HWPL Berlin - WARP Team 7131


2016.01.28 HWPL Berlin - Vincent Kwon, Hara E. Jang, Markus Roscher, Charis Moore 7095


2016.01.28 HWPL Berlin - WARP Team videographer 7132


2016.01.28 HWPL Berlin - Carla Geerdes (HereNow4u.net) & Hara E. Jang (Director HWPL Germany) 7053


2016.01.28 HWPL Berlin - Speakers 7134


2016.01.28 HWPL Berlin - Particpants

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