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Mool srota hai dharma ka
Atma ki pehchaan
Eke saadhe sab sadhe
Yahi param vigyan

The main source of religion is to identify soul. One who knows the soul knows everything of the world. This is the ultimate knowledge. 

Verses from "Secrets of Spirituality" by Acharya Tulsi

The Rule of Anekant

Anekant has one rule - co-existence of opposites. Not only is existence in pairs, they have to be opposing pairs. In the entire world of nature, in the entire universe of existence, opposing pairs exist. If there is vision, there is lack of it. If there is happiness, then there is sadness too. If there is loss of consciousness, there is awakening. If there is death, there is life. There is the auspicious and the inauspicious. High and low. The disturbed and the undisturbed. There is gaining of strength and loss of it. Co-existence implies tolerance and freedom of thought.
Excerpts from "ANEKANTA THE THIRD EYE" by Acharaya Mahaprajna
Kshamapana Diwas, Bikshu Jaap,
Samanijis' Mangal Kamana


Kshamapna Diwas, Bikshu Jaap, and Mangal Kamana Program for Samani Bhavit Pragyaji & Samani Sangha Pragyaji was organized at VFW hall on October 3. Deepa Jain, master of ceremony, graciously welcomed JVB members and families to the celebration.

The program started with Namaskar Mahamantra Jaap followed by Bhikshu Jaap led by Samanijis. Kamal Daga and Vandana Jain enchanted the audience with Bhikshu Swami Bhajans. Shrenik Talati and Samanjis recited the spiritual renditions of Kshamapna bhajans.  Samaniji talked about the life of Acharya Bhikshu and his achievements. 

Samani Bhavit Pragyaji awarded the Paryushan worksheet prizes to Namrata Shah, Tanvi Shah and Gaurav Shah. 

Towards the end of the program were Samanijis' sendoff speeches by Pratap Jain, Jaychand Dugar, Mool Singhi, Indu Vira. Everyone expressed their heartfelt gratitude towards Samanijis for their spiritual guidance and wished them well for their journey to India and beyond. 

The program concluded with Mangal Path led by Samaniji.

JVBNA welcomes
Dr. Samani Satya Pragyaji and Dr. Samani Rohini Pragyaji

(Disciples of Acharyashri Mahashraman)

It is our great privilege to welcome Samani Satya Pragyaji and Samani Rohini Pragyaji to the JVB New Jersey Center. Samanijis arrived in NJ in early October and on Oct 8, an informal welcome program was organized at the center in their honor and in the presence of Samani Bhavit Pragyaji and Samani Sangha Pragya ji. Samanijis were formally welcomed and introduced by President Madhumita Sacheti. Both Samanijis are extremely learned, extensively traveled and well published. They are faculty members at Jain Vishwa Bharati University in Ladnun, India and have many years of teaching experience.

Several members including Chairman Pratap Jain, Mool Singhi, Ramesh Parmar, and Kiran Nahar spoke on the occasion. Samani Rohini Pragyaji elaborated on her expectations from her first US trip - developing a greater understanding and appreciation for life as it was in different cultures. Samani Satya Pragyaji spoke on how one thing/event could be viewed from different perspectives - this being a welcome and a farewell program - and related it to the basic tenet of Jainism - Anekantvad. 

Samani Bhavit Pragyaji welcomed and blessed both Samanijis and hoped that the JVB New Jersey center will progress in its quest for truth under the guidance of both Samanijis. It was a day of mixed emotions for the community as this occasion also marked an informal farewell for Samani Bhavit Pragyaji and Samani Sangha Pragyaji. We wish them well in the next leg of their journey.
Understanding Santhara - A Workshop


On Oct 18, a workshop was organized on ‘Understanding Santhara’ under the guidance of Samani Satya Pragyaji and Samani Rohini Pragyaji at the Franklin Temple Gyanshala Rooms. Santhara is a subject that has brought all Jains together. However, this is also a subject that has generated numerous lively living room discussions in the past few months. This workshop was a great opportunity for understanding the subject under the guidance of Samanijis and more than 40 members took advantage of it. Ramesh Parmar opened the session with introducing the subject and elaborated on its legal background. Samani Rohini Pragyaji spoke about the treatment of death and dying in different faiths and cultures. Samani Satya Pragyaji spoke about Santhara and Sanlekhana in Jainism. She elaborated on the process, prerequisites, and expectations of Santhara and how it is different from suicide, mercy killing, and dying with dignity provided by living wills. A lively Q&A session followed. The workshop was very well received by all attendees.

The First JVBNA Youth Forum
By: Arnav Sacheti

Along with the start of the new school year, JVBNA successfully kicked off its Youth Forum with the first meeting on October 23. This forum is designed for older middle school children and high school children to meet once a month and its main purpose is to spiritually engage us and mentally help us through these stages in life. Coming into this meeting, we all had high expectations that we would learn a lot and take away something that we could use for the rest of our lives.

During the first hour, Samani Satya Pragyaji and Samani Rohini Pragyaji discussed the topic of "Physical Fitness and Discipline". This is a very important topic, as it relates not only to our physical health, but also to our mental and emotional health. Samanijis touched upon the fact that through physical fitness we can achieve discipline and that discipline is essentially focus, which can be achieved through meditation - meditation - not in a conventional but liberal sense. This is to say that one needs to be mindful while eating, walking and in other day-today aspects of life.

During the second hour, Kavita Aunty (Kavita Kothari) helped us on the mental aspect of life by discussing that to achieve success, we should set goals for ourselves. Setting goals and reaching them gives one renewed confidence and self-esteem to keep doing so, and eventually achieving success. We also discussed our likes and dislikes, which will be further dwelled upon in following sessions. Though it is only the first meeting, I have already felt that by bringing together a spiritual sense with a mental one, we are truly bettering ourselves in this youthful stage.


Gyanshala had a wonderful start for the year 2015-16 under the guidance of Samaniji. As always, students would be nurtured with subjects like  Jainism, Hindi, Yoga, and Bhaktamar. This year onward, a separate Bhaktamar class is introduced so as to make students well versed with Bhaktamar Stotra along with its meanings.

Gyanshala session was memorable on Oct 25 as Dr. Samani  Satya Pragyaji and Dr.Samani Rohini Pragyaji conducted a wonderful workshop for all the students. Gyan and Darshan group students attended a workshop by Samanijis about physical fitness and discipline in their daily life in co-relation to Jain facts and examples. Students were very attentive and focused as they answered all the rapid questions asked by Samanijis.  They also performed practical experiments on " How to help others ". These experiments were informative, collective, and fun filled. Students thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the workshop as it got them involved from beginning to end. For Charitra Group students, Samanijis conducted a hand held workshop on "Finding clues to a problem,"  skills and tricks to improve concentration and  three fold approach to Navkar mantra by means of Mantra, Breathing, and Yogic Posture. All Charitra group students were actively involved in the workshop and also surprised Samanijis by their creative problem solving tact. This workshop was undoubtedly one of its kind!

Conflict Resolution and Anekantavada Workshop

A workshop on Conflict Resolution and Anekantavada was organized on Oct 31 under the guidance of Samanijis. The workshop started with manglacharan. 

Dr. Samani Rohini Pragyaji introduced the theme explaining conflict in terms of incompatibility of interests, opinions, lifestyles and many other things. These differences become problems when one is not skillful enough to take advantage of the differences. Anekanta doctrine explains a way out of these problems as humans have the ability to appreciate and learn not only from different but even opposite views.
The workshop continued with group activity. We had 5 teams of 4 members each. Every team was given a problem of differences that they tried to resolve in the best way they could. This way the participants actively became the owners of conflict-resolution party through dialogue they had within their teams. The performances of all the teams were excellent. 

In the third part, Dr. Samani Satya Pragya ji presented her valuable thoughts on the theme in detail. She discussed that the foundation of conflicts was in fact a tussle between soul and karma. She also stressed that there will be some conflicts that will be unresolvable. She gave the keys of conflict resolution in terms of conflict prevention, conflict resolution, conflict management, and conflict transformation. The talk continued with practical tips for overcoming the situation of conflict and ended with a livley Q&A session. The workshop was very well received by all participants.

Regular Sessions
1. Pakshik Pratikaman  - Every Pakkhi - Nov 11, Nov 25, Dec 10, Dec 25 - 7:30PM - JVBNA Center
2. Preksha Meditation - Tuesdays  - 7:30PM - 8:30PM - JVBNA Center
3. Swadhyay - Thursdays - 7:30PM  -8:30PM - JVBNA Center
4. Youth Forum - Third Friday of every month - Nov 20, Dec 18, 7PM - 9PM - JVBNA Center
5. Gyanshala - Two Sundays every month - 3:30PM - 6PM - Franklin Temple Classrooms

Upcoming Events

  1. Diwali Jaap - Wednesday, November 11, 10AM - 11AM - JVBNA center
  2. New Year Day, AGM, EC Oath Ceremony - Friday, Jan 1, 2016
JVBNA New Jersey
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