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Samani Parimal Pragya

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Jai Jinendra.            

The Jain Studies Program at FIU welcomes you to the inauguration of the Online Lecture Series on Jain Texts
9th May to 6th June (Saturdays) @ 12 noon CST
This program is launched to enrich textual studies in Jainism and nurture the study of ancient languages like Sanskrit, Prakrit, Apabraṃsa and other Indic languages. This will promote, rejuvenate and invigorate scholarship and research on primary sources. Scholars will present their research on a chosen Jain text through interactive video conferencing.
The text chosen for this year is the Ācārāṅga Sūtra. We welcome you to the inauguration of the program with an introductory lecture on the text, followed by a series of four lectures. Each lecture will be approximately 50 to 60 minutes with a discussion session to follow. The video conference is open to all.
9th May @ 12 noon CST- Prof. Nalini Balbir inaugurates the lecture series. Ven. Samani Chaitanya Pragyaji (JVBI) presents on the Concept of Violence and Nonviolence in Ācārāṅga Sūtra.  Outline of the lecture: http://jainstudies.fiu.edu/news/2015/violence-and-nonviolence/
Please join meeting by clicking on the link - https://connect.fiu.edu/jainstudies/
If you have never attended an Adobe Connect meeting before: Test your connection: https://connect.fiu.edu/common/help/en/support/meeting_test.htm
RSVP at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/138ucB5VYKRPkKc4gBIv__dAk7ff2iWOotyslwHtrhQs/viewform?usp=send_form
More Info: http://jainstudies.fiu.edu/
Next Sessions in this series:

  • 16th May - Prof. Nalini Balbir (Sorbonne): Monastic Discipline in the Ācārāṅga Sūtra
  • 23rd May -Prof. Christopher Chapple (Loyola Marymount): Ethics of Ācārāṅga Sūtra
  • 30th May -Prof. Ellen Gough (Emory): Enlightenment and Liberation in the Ācārāṅga Sūtra
  • 6th June - Prof. Kamal Chand Sogani & Ven. Samani Unnata Pragyaji (FIU): Mahavir in Ācārāṅga Sūtra

JVB International Reflections Newsletter:  Click here to view

Upcoming Activities

17- May


10:30 AM

Pravachan & meditation (followed by lunch)

17- May


 9:50 AM

Gyanshala for Kids

7 - Jun


10:00 AM

Workshop on Bhaktamar  Part II (followed by lunch)

Looking forward to your presence & participation.

Amit Sacheti

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