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Posted: 07.05.2015

  Making way for Life: Rehabilitation of Nepal

Update on May 6, 2015 

Everyone will be aware of the devastating earthquake which struck Nepal on Saturday with so many deaths and injuries and with livelihoods dashed. India shares a deep connection with Nepal in form of cultural and religious similarities which goes way beyond centuries. Himalayan Kingdom, the place where one of the most revered Jain monks, Acharya Bhadrabahu swami (writer of Shri Kalpa-sutra and Uvasaggaharam Stotra), meditated for 12 long years. It is also an important destination for Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims. Over the course of time traditional Nepal has transformed from Hindu Monarchy to modern day peaceful democracy.

Veerayatan led by inspirational Acharya Shri Chandanaji has come forward to make a valuable humanitarian contribution and extend much needed to the people of Nepal.
Please read the attached report as to how you can assist.

SCVP London Committee & Teachers http://www.scvp.org.uk/

Acharya Chandananji says that,
“the goal of education is to nurture responsible, sensitive and conscious citizens”. 

“Gyaan Daan” (Educational opportunity) is the best form of charitable giving


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