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Published: 02.05.2015
Updated: 30.06.2015

Bhagawan Mahaveer International Center JVBU

Jainism is one of the oldest religious and philosophical traditions of the world. Its basic outlook is deeply rooted in an analysis of the contingencies of the fate of humanity that eventually broadens into an all-encompassing view of life and the world. Many of the personal, social, environmental and international problems can be resolved by taking resources from Jainism. But the effects of the Jain principles and practices must be first scientifically documented, established and reinterpreted in the modern languages that are globally understood.

The idea of establishing four chairs to promote Jain studies and researches was first given by Acharya Mahaprajna in 2009 with an aim to create scholars with specialization in Jain studies. To commemorate the birth centenary of Acharya Shri Tulsi, Acharya Shri Mahaprajna proposed a grand project "Wisdom World". He wanted to bring ethics in all professional and social fields. He firmly believed that without ethics the sustainable development and peace is not possible. Thus, it can be said that BMIR Center is the outcome of the dreams of the great seer Acharya Mahaprajna.

A workshop of the scholars was held during the National Symposium "Jain Philosophy, Science and Culture" organized on 22-24 October, 2012 in Jasol, Rajasthan, in the auspicious presence of Acharya Shri Mahashraman. The workshop which was convened by Dr N.L. Kacchara, initiated by Dr Narendra Bhandari and addressed by Prof. Muni Mahendra Kumar. In the workshop, the participants identified many areas of research and unanimously expressed the view that there is a dire need to start scientific research in Jainology so that its benefits can be made available to the mankind. The views presented in the workshop and those later received from other scholars by correspondence, provided a good background for the formation of a research center. Based on all the views received, a proposal on scientific research and social innovative studies in Jainology was prepared.

The purpose of proposal was to chalk out a plan for initiating organized research on scientific lines in various spheres of Jainology, reinterpret them in current colloquial language, bring out their benefits in a quantitative way, apply them in daily fife and compare them with modern scientific concepts and tools. The plan was implemented on 2 October, 2014 the Vice Chancellor, Samani Charitra Prajna officially announced to set up Bhagawan Mahaveer Internation Center for Scientific Research and Social Innovative studies in the benign presence of HH Acharya Mahashraman in Delhi.

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