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Posted: 05.04.2015
Updated on: 02.07.2015

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Date: 27/03/2015
Place: Harisidhi village, Bihar

H.H. Acharya Shri Mahashraman, along with his White force, arrived at 'Gandhi High School' of Harisiddhi village for one day stay. Sadhvi Pramukha Shri Kanak Prabha ji along will all nuns would reside at 'Project Kanya Uchcha Vidyalaya".

His Holiness sermonized that Renunciation holds importance in Life. One who forsakes is Renunciative. One who cannot use or consumes things because of unavoidable circumstances or deficiency etc. is not Renunciative. Renunciative is the person who has abundance of resources and the consumables are his favorite, still he abdicates them or forswears their consumption. One who rejects willingly is Renunciative. Renunciation is the key to happiness. The more one forswears the more happy he becomes. Several colossi took birth in Bihar. It is the birth place of Lord Mahavira. Hence it bears significance. Mr. Rajendra Prasad Gupta (member of B.J.P. National Committee), Mr. Anuj Thakur (teacher of Gandhi High School) and Mrs. Usha Kiran Sinha (Head Teacher of Project Kanya Uchcha Vidyalaya) kept their views. The program was anchored by Muni Dinesh Kumar Ji.

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