Shri Kantisagarsuri ji Maharaj (1911-1985)

Published: 07.02.2015
Updated: 08.01.2018

Jahaj Mandir Mandawala

A man is incapable to determine the atmosphere or family of his choice, but is patently capable to transcend the barriers and limitations of his birth or surroundings to realize his full potential by dint of his determination, dedication and humility. History remembers and idolizes only those, who surmount every adversity with fortitude and preservance.

Legendary Jain Acharya Shri Jin Kantisagar Suriji was born at Ratangarh (Distt. Churu - Rajasthan) on Magh Krishna 11, S.V. 1968 to Shri Muktimal ji Singhi and Smt. Sohan Devi. The new born child was named ‘ Tejkaran’ by his family. His father, Shri Mukti Malji Singhi was a prominent social leader, who was having a succcessful and thriving business at Chittagaon (now in Bangladesh). His mother, Sohan Devi was a god fearing deeply religious lady, who inculcated in him the moral values and tolerance. But at the tender age of only 4 years, his mother expired suddenly. Bereft of maternal affection and upkeep, the innocent Tejkaran started his  education. His father also gradually lost interest in business and started to visit Sadhus for mental peace. At that time, Terapanth sect was thriving in his area and many Terapanthi Sadhus were visiting Ratangarh or surrounding areas to propagate their viewpoints. At the age of 10, Muktimalji Singhi and his son,Tejkaran renounced this world as initiated as Terapanth Sadhus and henceforth was being known as Sadhu Tejkaran. For 11 years, living the life of a Terapanth Sadhu, he was following their rites and tenets. But his inquisitive and logical mind was raising many questions, whose satisfactory answers were not forthcoming from his Acharya or senior Sadhus. His mind was in turmoil and was feeling suffocated by high handed attitude of his sect Acharya. A man of indominatable courage and conviction, he was contemplating to take a decisive and revolutionary step of renouncing Terapanth. After deep deliberation, he renounced Terapanth and embraced Khartargachha. On Jyestha Shukla 13, S.V. 1989 at Anoopshahar (U.P.), he was initiated as Khartargachha Sadhu by renowned Acharya Shri Jin Harisagar Suriji and named as ‘ Muni Kantisagar’.

Thereafter, under the watchful eyes and able guidance of Acharya Shri Hari Sagarji, Muni Kanti Sagar began studying the Jain scriptures and cannons. Within no time, he held authoritative command over his subject. His unmatched command over language, oratorical skill to keep thousands spell bound  and humility led hundreds and thousands to his fold. He also authored many books and religious hymns and instrumental is organizing ‘ Updhaan Tap’ at many places like Nakodaji, Shikharji, Osianji, Bhandak, Tindivanam, Arvi, Khamgaon and Kulpak etc. Many ‘ Anjan - Shalaka’ and Pratistha were performed by him during his life time in various parts of the country. He never believed in religious dogmas or fanaticism, but was a true secular at heart, who deeply studied various religions and compared them to arrive at the conclusion that humanity, tolerance, compassion and truth are central and guiding force of every religion, though differences or differentiation of rites or rituals do exist.

In recognition of his invaluable services and management skill of Sangh, Khartargachha Jain Sangha conferred on him the degree of ‘ Acharya’ on 13th. June, 1982 at Jaipur in the presence of thousands of his followers and devotees and was named as ‘ Acharya Shri Jin Kanti Sagar Suri’. Accepting the responsibility with humility, he set forth on the task of propagating its principles. Unwavering in his commitment, rock solid confidence in his convictions, uncompromising on matters of principles, he was a tower of strength to his disciples and followers.  He visited villages and cities with childlike enthusiasm, though his age and health  were not allowing such hectic movements. In 1985, he held his Chaturmas in Jodhpur District (Rajasthan) and was on way to Jiwana, reached  reached Mandawala in Distt. Jalore(Raj.) on 3rd. December 1985. Around 12.00 noon, he started feeling uneasy and soon had high fever. There he had the premonition of his death and called out for his most loved and senior most disciple, Muni Maniprabh (now Upadhyaya Shri Maniprabh Sagarji) and declaring him his heir apparent, directed him to take charge of all responsibilities and manage the Sangh after his death. None of his disciples or followers could sense such catastrophe looming large over their heads.  At 9.16  A.M. on 4th. December, 1985, Acharya Shri Jin Kantisagar Suriji breathed his last and shuffled his moral coil. Nobody could believe this sudden and tragic loss.

Following day, on 5th. December, 1985, thousands of his disciples and followers reached Mandawala from every corner of the country to have his last glimpse  and pay their respects.  Soon after the funeral pyres were lit, people present there witnessed an unbelievable scene. From the flaming rages, they saw Acharya’s right hand flung out in Ashirwad Mudra (the blessings posture of hand) and sway in the atmosphere for around half an hour. Photographers rushed to record this miracle and unbelievable magical scene on their tapes, followers and devotees rant the air with Jay jaykars, accepting the blessings of their Guru with reverence and glee and onlookers were witness to a highly surcharged and purifying calm surrounding the area.

Then and there, on the inspiration of Muni (now Upadhyaya) Maniprabh Sagarji, it was decided that a unique memorial be constructed at the very place of his funeral. Soon, a Trust under the name and style of ‘ Shri Jin Kantisagar Suri Smarak Trust’ was formed to give shape to the decision and dream of his devotees. With course of time, JAHAJ MANDIR at MANDAWALA has been built as a memorial of this legendary Jain Acharya.

The trustees under the appropriate time to time guidance of Shri Maniprabhji made this dream a success story. The construction of the temple commenced in 1992. Today the Jahaj-Mandir which reminds us of the Great Saint of the Jainism Shri Kantisagarsuriji Maharajand infact the whole human race stands erect almost at the verge of completion.

A detailed book "Tasyamayy Shri Guruve Namah:" on the Shri Kantisagarsuriji Maharaj has been published. Composed and written by his immediate 'Shishya' Shri Manipradji.

To order this book you may contact us on info[at]
or at the following address:

Shri Kantisagarsuri Trust
Post Mandavla
Jalor, Rajasthan. India.

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