Felicitation Volume 1 - In Honour of Prof. Dr. Sohan Raj Tater

Posted: 19.01.2015

Prof. Dr. Sohan Raj Tater has completed 50 years of his service to Society and Humanity. He has been awarded “Life Time achievement Award” by Govt. of India and other NGOs for his 50 years social service. Presently he is serving humanity at international/national level in education field through 50 GOs and NGOs.

Out of those 10 NGOs organized these Three Felicitation Volumes in honour of Prof. Tater each more than 500 hundred pages in large book size, Two in Hindi and one in English language.

Research Articles of 200 Philosopher, Administrators, Yogis and Educationists among throughout India who are well known to Prof. Tater’s Academic and Social service.

This year Prof. Tater’s name has been selected by Govt. of India for “Padmashri Award 2015” which is highest Civilian Award of India.


Sohan Raj Tater - Felicitation Vol. 1 - Cover

Sohan Raj Tater - Felicitation Vol. 1 - Hindi.pdf

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