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Dear friends,

The wheel of time is rotating fast. To some of us who have a lot to do before we leave the precincts of the world and who live relatively comfortably as compared with millions who lead a miserable life for want of things necessary for survival, it appears that the year 2015 has come too soon. To vast multitudes who languish in misery, starvation, diseases, poverty, exploitation, mental agony and who suffer atrocities at the hands of the powerful, the coming or going of a new year is meaningless. They believe that they are destined to live in perpetual agony and suffering. While I greet you on the occasion of the new year and wish that it may bring greater happiness in your life, I pray for the vast multitudes who are subjected to suffering on account of their low birth or high birth or different faiths, different ideologies or caste or colour or nationality and hope that the rich will slow down their income and part with the already accumulated wealth and resources to enable the poor to live in dignity, that the politicians will be just and honest and will shun a bit of their hypocrisy, that the religious leaders will be righteous and will not exhort their followers to eliminate those who do not subscribe to their beliefs. I feel sad as I look at the world torn by strife and violence in the name of religion, ethnicity, nationalism. Racism is still rampant in all parts of the world. The whites look down upon those who are coloured despite the fact that their constitution gives them equal rights, those who are low born or belong to low caste. In India untouchability still exists in different forms even after 67 years of independence. Racism has been banned by law but the mindsets of the vast majority are still rooted in deep prejudices.

When I talk of nonviolence I mean that people should eschew violence in thought, word and deed. Most political leaders across the world believe that if the arms, all arms including nuclear weapons, are destroyed there will be peace in the world. I disagree with them. Violence or nonviolence originates in the minds of people. Unless violence in thought diminishes, one should not hope for a peaceful world.

On Jan 5, 2014 Anuvrat Global Organization (ANUVIBHA) (www.anuvibha.in) organized the 8th International Conference on Peace and Nonviolent Action with the theme Towards a Nonviolent Future: Seeking Realistic Models of Peaceful Co-existence. More than 170 people hailing from 20 countries took part in it. Those who came were highly committed people, who have long been dreaming of a peaceful world, a world not fragmented by narrow boundaries of caste, colour, riches, poverty, religion, politics, a world where all live equally in dignity and happiness, a world free from exploitation, inequality, injustice and prejudices. They were also hoping that the mother earth is no more subjected to torture through overexploitation of its resources by humans through their greed and unrestrained lifestyle. They were those who were self-trasnsformed and wanted to see others to change their ways to save the planet.

They shared their visions with one another and after thoughtful deliberations they issued the Jaipur Declaration in the form of a nine petalled flower of peace. Each petal consists of some abstinences embedded in small vows (anuvratas). anu means small and a vrata means a vow. Can the world be made better through these anuvratas (small vows). I am of the view that this Declaration encompasses all the levels at which a change must occur. It is accompanied by illuminating notes by Dr. Thomas Daffern, Director, International Institute of Peace Studies and Global Philosophy based in Scotland who also drafted it. It was endorsed by all before it is circulated worldwide. It can be sent on request. I urge you to read it and also send your views.

Violence includes physical violence and the violence of subjugation, inequality, loss of freedom of expression, deprivation of human rights and a desire to possess. There are various facets of violence. If these forms of violence continue, our dream of a nonviolent future cannot be realized. I hope the year 2015 will be a year of progress towards nonviolence, towards justice, towards love, affection and compassion.

I am glad to say that His Holiness Acharya Mahashraman who is also Head of Anuvrat Movement and Spiritual Patron of Anuvrat Global Organization (ANUVIBHA) has embarked on a long Ahimsa Yatra towards the east of India. Ahimsa Yatra means a journey on foot. As he walks he inspires thousands of people to develop goodwill towards all, give up addiction to drugs and alcohol and limit their needs. He has already covered the areas of three states that lie on his way to Nepal where he has announced that he will spend his next chaturmas at Virat Nagar, an important town of Nepal. The main aim of his Ahimsa Yatra is to create consciousness of nonviolence among the masses. Nonviolence alone can save the planet earth. The main cause of this degeneration and decadence is the speed of our actions. In 200 years we have consumed most of the means of our survival. It is time we slowed down the speed of our actions to save the resources for the future generations. Let us abstain from non-sustainability. Acharya Mahashraman shows us the way. I urge you to take a small vow that you will try to minimize your needs and abstain from inessential violence. Begin with a small vow that you will not kill an innocent person and then extend your compassion towards the earth, water, vegetation and animals gradually. We at ANUVIBHA hope to see you at the next conclave of nonviolent crusaders sometime in Nov 2015.

I once again wish you a happy new year and look forward to hearing from you,

Yours sincerely,
Dr. S.L. Gandhi
International President
Anuvrat Global Organization (ANUVIBHA)
Jaipur - INDIA
Ph: +91-98280 16989
e-mail: slgandhi[at]hotmail.com   sljaingandhi[at]gmail.com

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