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Posted: 14.08.2014
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Ahimsa Vishwa Bharti

Peace, Security and Human Development’ World Summit concludes
Various National Heads and representatives of more than 70 nations took part
Religion connects us - Acharya Lokesh speaks in World Summit


Acharya Dr. Lokesh Muni founder president of Ahimsa Vishwa Bharti addressing the closing session of ‘Peace, Security and Human Development’ World Summit 2014organised by Universal Peace Federation in Seoul, Korea on ‘The Relevance of Religion for Peace and Development’ said that peace is necessary for development, religion is a medium to reach the destination of peace. He said all religions connects us they do not divide us. There is place for violence, hatred, fear and disgust in the path of religion.

Acharya Lokesh said religion and community is two different things, religion means friendship, love, sympathy, tolerance etc. Communal fanaticism, considering own religion superior, using wrong means for its expansion, violence and tension created because of this is a hurdle in peace and development. Emphasizing the need of integration between science and religion he said religion has three dimensions Worship, Morality and Spirituality, with spiritual growth feeling of ‘Vasudev Kutumbaka’ (the whole world is one) is created, difference between self and others goes away. Presently worshiping is considered to be religion, we should give importance to spiritual growth which helps in establishment of peace in development.

On the occasion Prime Minister of Sri Lanka D.M. Jayaratne, Prime Minister of Timor L' Este Kay RalaXanana Gusmão, President of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Zivko Budimir, Head of State of Lesotho King Letsie III, Head of State of Samoa Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Efi, Deputy Chef de Cabinet in Office of the President of the General Assembly United Nations Noel Gordon Sinclair, Vice President of Philippines Jejomar Binay, President of The Washington Times USA Larry Beasley, Former President of Uruguay Julio Maria Sanguinetti, Former President of Paraguay Luis Federico Franco Gómez, Former Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Rahim Alievich Huseynov, Former President of Kosovo Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu, Former President of Mongolia Ochirbat Punsalmaa, Former President of Mali Prof. DioncoundaTraore, Former Prime Minister of Swaziland Obed Mfanyana Dlamini, Former Prime Minister of Malaysia Tun Abdullah Bin Haji Ahmad Badawi, Former Prime Minister of Sao Tome and Principe Maria do CarmoTrovoada Silveira, addressed different issues of Peace, Security and Human Development.

In the World Summit Regional Secretary General of Universal Peace Federation-Middle East Mr. David Fraser Harris, Professor of University of Kelaniya Sri Lanka Kotapitiye Rahula, Director of North American Academy of Ecumenists Canada Dr. Anthony Mansour, President of Delegation of Argentine Jewish Associations Argentina Dr. JulioSchlosser, Bishop Floyd Nelson of International Bible Way Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ USA, General Secretary of Colombian Assembly of Religions and Spiritualities Colombia Rabbi Ricardo Gamboa, Dean of Emeritus, Geneva Cathedral and President of Geneva Spiritual Appeal Association Switzerland Dr. William A. McComish and Founding President of Islamic Circle of Spiritual Elevation, Ivory Coast Dr. Sheikh Alawy Deme with Head of States, Prime Minister, Cabinet of different countries, representatives of organizations like United Nations, UNESCO, various religious leaders, economists, socialists etc from more than 70 countries will take part and express their views on the subject.


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