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Posted: 14.08.2014
Updated on: 26.11.2015

Trilok Jain Temple, Badagaon, U.P.

All Jains Visiting Delhi should See this Unique Temple, Really Iconic

Temple Holding Panch Kalyanak Maha Mahotsav
from 15th to 23rd Feb. 2015

Intimate about your Visit to Mr. Shamlal Jain, (Tel: 098-9162-7006) to make your stay comfortable & memorable.
Only One Hour Highway Drive from Delhi (40 Km)

With the inspiration of Aacharyashri Vidyabhushan Sammati Sagarji Maharaj Trilok Teerth Will become a wonder in Jain Pilgrimages. It will increase the prosperity of syadwad Jain Siddhant till ages. Trilok Teerth will have full depiction of Madhya Lok, Adholok & Urdhavlok.

In front the shrine of Acharya Vidyabhushan Sanmati Sagar Maharaj whose visions provided the inspiration for the Construction of the Temple

Acharya Vidyabhushan Sanmati Sagar Maharaj

The result of bad karmas of people will be depicted and explained here. People involved in good karmas such as Anurvat, Mahavrat, Karuna, Vatsalya, Satya, Ahinsa, Daan etc will enjoy pleasure in the heaven this scene will also be depicted here on Trishnali. There will be Gyan Kendra, Research Center, Dhyan Kendra, Dhai Dveep Sambandhi 170 Chaitalya, Nandeeshwar Dveep, Sammed Shikhar, Girnar, Champapur, Pavpur, Kailash Parvat, Meru Mandir, Samosharan along with parshvanath, Neminath and Muni Survratnath temples. There will be Sahastrakut Mandir, Navgrah Shanti Jin Mandir, Adinath, Bharat Bahubali, Mandir Shantinath, Kunthunath Arahanath and Mahavir Bhagwan Mandir. Apart from this there are 5 pandav mandir, Shri Ram Luv Kush Mandir. On the top of the Trilok Teerth ie. The Siddhshila there is 31 feet tall shri Adinath Bhagwan idol in padmasan mudra which is made of Astdhatu. Trilok teerth dham is 317 feet in height out of which 100 feet is below the ground and 217 feet above the ground. It is a 17 storey building and there are two lifts for the visitors.

Trilok Teerth:

On the path of Completion - According to the wishes of pansham pattacharya Shri Vidyabhushan Sanmati Sagarji Maharaj, Shri Gyan Sagarji Maharaj was crowned with Sastam Pattacharya & under the guidelines of Shri Gyan Sagarji Maharaj the work in Trilok Teerth Dham is progressing very fast. The RCC work of the Trilok Teerth has been completed. The stone carvation work is going on in which hundreds of skilled craftsmen are working day and night. There is a possibility of Panchkalyanak of Trilok Teerth Dham in February 2015.


To educate the mankind about the results of Good & Bad deeds in Three Lokas (Trilok) through Jainism by Robotic Scientific Process (Vidhi)


To have Darshan of all Jain Teerth under one roof of Trilok Teerth Dham & to inculcate Confidence in fourth coming generation about Jain religion. It is said that Trilok Teerth Dham will be one of the Wonders of the world in future.

Other Projects of Trilok Teerth Dham:

In Trilok teerh apart from the religious activities, there are other projects also for education & health, college, hospital and goshala. Trilokteerth Dham is a sangam of religion, Health & Educatin.


Acharya Vidyabhushan Sanmati Sagar Maharaj

Syadwad Jain Academy:

In the Trilok Teerth premises there is a C. B. S. E. Delhi Affiliated English medium senior secondary school which has 800 students. Not only the regular studies but also the ethical values are being taught to the Students. For transport of students there is an arrangement of 3 buses. There are 30 class rooms in this School.

Aacharya Sumatisgar Bhavan (Gurukul):

In this bhavan there are 17 rooms for the boarding - lodging of students. Presently 50 Students are residing in this bhavan. There is a provision of free of cost food and education to them.

Trilok Teerth Nishulk Bhojanshala:

In Trilokteerth premises there is free of cost bhojanshala there are arrangements of providing free of cost food to all the visitors. Guest on the ground floor separately and gurukul 'staff and students on the first floor enjoy their meals here.


Acharya Vidyabhushan Sanmati Sagar Maharaj

Syadwad Goshala and Jeev Daya Kendra:

In this teerth there is a goshala also in which there is a provision of food for bird & animal. Presently there are 50 cows.

Syadwad Ayurvedic Chikitsalya (Dispensary):

In Trilokteerth Premises there is a ayurvedic chikitsalya (Dispensary) is also being run free of cost. Patients from near by village get their treatment here free of cost.


Acharya Vidyabhushan Sanmati Sagar Maharaj

Syadwad Pustakalya (Library) (Sanmati Sadan):

In this library there are several jain shastra and Jainvidhan books written by Aacharyashri Vidyabushan Sanmati Sagar Ji maharaj other than shastra vidhan books other magazine & books of jain religion are also available.

Sant Niwasa:

This double story building has 25 rooms for stay of Sadhu - Sant and matajis. There are arrangement for ahar of sadhus.

Aacharya Bimal Sagar Sadhna Bhavan: The building has 35 rooms. There is a provision of lodging & boarding of retired people who are interested in sadhna and people who want to devote time in trilokteerth dham.

Acharya Vidyabhushan Sanmati Sagar Maharaj

Atthi Bhavan:

This bhavan has 72 rooms out of which 24 rooms are equipped with air conditioners. Guest from outside enjoy full facilities here.

Guru Mandir:

Looking into the sentiments of devotees of Acharyashri, Guru Mandir is being constructed in front of the Trilok Teerth Mandir, at the place where the last rites of Acharyashri were performed. Devotees get their wishes fulfilled at this Samadhi Sathal.

Syadwad Jain Chandranchal Aasharm:

In the south block of Trilok Teerth there is Syadwad Jain Chandranchal Mahila Ashram where 50 girls already residing & studying.


Other Activities in Trilok Teerth Dham:

Trilok Teerth Bus Seva: To visit other tirthrshetra there is a provision of 2 buses. Out of them one is 40 setter deluxe bus and other is 45 seater a/c bus. These bus available are free of cost for Teerth Yarta.

Syadwad Jain Gurukul's Trilokteerth Masic Patrika (Monthly Magazine:

A Monthly Magazine is being published in the name of Syadwad Jain Gurukul Trilok Teerth by virtue of which thousand of people are getting information not only about Trilok Teerth but also of dharmic knowledge.

Trilokteerth Media:

By Aacharyashri Vidyabhushan Sanmati Sagar ji Maharaj's encouragement and blessings Trilokteerth Media Pvt. Ltd. is set up for dharma prachar.

Syadwad Jain Yuva Club:

To inculcate the values of dharma in young generation, Jan Yuva Club formed by Aacharyashri. Every Sunday the members of this yuva club performs prakshal in different jain temples of Delhi & NCR and they are always devoted to perform various tasks of Trilok Teerth Dham. Till now the yuva club members have perform parkshal in more than 100 temples. There are 150 yuva members of this club engaged in various kind of business

Sanmat - Chhaya (An Old Age Home):

"Services to the Mankind is the Real Religion" was the aim of Shree Vidyabushan Sanmati Sagar Ji Maharj. Keeping this idea in mind, he established school (Free Education & Food for Poor Students), Free Dispensary, Cowshelter, Gaushala at various places in other parts of India and at Trilokteerth Dham Badagaon, Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh also.

With the grace of Shree Vidyabhushan Sanmati Sagar Ji Maharaj an Old Age Home in the name of "Sanmati Chhaya" is being established at Trilokteerth Dham Badagaon, Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh, India. In Sanmati Chhaya have 93 Rooms, Bhojnalya, Conference Room, Common Room, Dispensary, Store Room where all the facilities will be provided free of cost to the old people, So that they may feel at home Sanmati Chhaya. You can be part of this Noble Cause by donating your money and get the blessing of old people.

You can donate your valuable money in the following schemes of Trilokteerth Dham at Badagaon, Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh, India.

(A) Golden chance for Booking of Janmabhishek Mangal on The Birthday of Tirthankar, on the occasion of Historical Trilokteerth Panchkalyanak Mahamahostav.

1. Trilokteerth Diamond Kalash - By Auction

2. Sanmati Gyan Ridhi Sidhi Kalash - Rs. One Lakh One Thoursand

3. Trilokteerth Sukh Samridhi Kalash - Rs. 51,000/-

4. Trilokteerth Sobhagya Vardhan Kalash - Rs. 21,000/-

5. Trilokteerth Janmangal Kalash - Rs. 11,000/-

6. Trilokteerth Kalash - Rs. 5,100/-

(B) Booking of chatalya / Murti to be established in Trilokteerth Temple during Panchkalyanak Maha Mahotasav.

1. Trikal choubsi Temple - Rs. Eleven Lakhs

2. Chatalya - Rs. 5.5 Lacs, Rs. 2.5 Lacs, Rs. 1.5 Lacs

3. Murty (Idols) - Rs. 75,000/-, Rs. 51,000/-, Rs. 25,000/-

(C) You can donate your money for the social welfare like School (Free Education & Food for poor Students), Dispansery, Cow Shelter (Gaushala), Old Age Home (Sanmati Chhaya) etc.

We have arrangements of good quality of food (Free), AC & Deluxe Room accommodation to stay & Transport Facility from New Delhi to Trilokteerth dham Badagaon, Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh, India.

You can deposit your money in State Bank Of India, Shahdara Branch, Delhi. India. Account No

State Bank Of India, Shahdara Branch, Delhi. India. Account No. - 31084822570 in the name of Akhil Bhartiya Syadwad Jain Society (Regd.)

Contact: Toll free No. 180030701108, Visit: www.trilokteerthdham.com, E-Mail: trilokthirth.badagaon(at)gmail.com & syadwad1(at)gmail.com


How To Reach Trilok Teerth Dham

1) By Air: From any airport in India and outside India one can reach IGI international Airport New Delhi or Domestic Airport New Delhi by air. From Airport Taxis are available to reach Trilok Teerth Dham Badagaon, Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh by Road, which is approx 60 Kms from IGI Airport.

2) By Tran: Trains are available from Old Delhi Railway Station for Khekra Rly Station on route Delhi-Kekra-Braut-Shamli-Saharanpur. After deboarding at Kherkra Station one can reach Trilok Teerth Dharm Badagaon by Mandir Bus, which is available at Khekra Station free of cost. Trilok Teerth Dham Badagaon is approx 6 km away from Khekra Railway Station.

3) By Road: From Inter State Bus Terminal (I. S. B. T.) Uttar Pradesh. Roadways buses are available for Khekra on the route Delhi-Baruat-Saharanpur. After becoming down at Khekra one can reach Trilok Teerth Dham Badagaon by local transport. Trilok Teerth Dham Badagaon is approx 11 KM from Khekra.


Some Pictures

Shrine of Acharya Vidyabhushan Sanmati Sagar Maharaj

Acharya Gyan Sagar Ji Maharaj

Aryika Drasti Bhushan Mataji

Aryika Drasti Bhushan Mataji

Stone work on Temple Walls

Lift up to Siddhashila

On the top, at the feet of Tirthankara Rishabdev
Construction Manager, Trilok Jain, Shamlal Jain, Christian Geerdes, Dhamendra Jain, Aryika Drasti Bhushan Mataji, Naveen Jain

Sitting Statue is nearly 10m high

View from Siddhashila

Samavasarana seen from Siddhashila

Samavasarana seen from the Ground

Arihant Statues being Carved in Temple

Naveen Jain, Dhamendra Jain, Shamlal Jain, Christian Geerdes, Aryika Drasti Bhushan Mataji, Trilok Jain

Edifice Seen from Dharmshala

Dr. Ranjana Jain Expert in Jain Darshan, Carla Geerdes & Dr. Rekha Jain Expert for Jain literature

The Nuns at Trilok Teerth

Shri Shamlal Jain, Member of Trilok Administration Committee

Shri Gajraj Gangwal Jain, President of Trilok Administration Committee

Shri Shamlal Jain, Member of Trilok Administration Committee showing the temple to Foreign visitors

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