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Posted: 12.08.2014

Saragasamyama samyamasamyamakamanirjara balatapamsi daivasya (20)


  • self-control with slight attachment
  • partial realization of the Five Freedoms
  • equanimity at the spontaneous manifestation of karma
  • spiritual efforts, even if not based on correct understanding

attracts karma that leads to birth(s) in 'heavenly' regions. (20)


The inhabitants of regions with 'heavenly' character (devas) are people like you and me, who by their desires, attitudes and actions acquired a type of karma that leads to birth in these areas. The bodies and life-circumstances of devas support their deep longing for happiness, unrestricted movement, health, supernatural abilities, amicable communication, freedom from sorrow, fear etc. Since the regions with 'heavenly' character are inhabited by beings of similar disposition, this longing can be satisfied without being disturbed by beings with different objectives in life.

Here again this concept denotes no (religious) ideas of 'heaven' in the sense of 'reward' or 'eternal salvation', but a mechanism that positions us in exactly those conditions of life that are ideally suited for our current desires and abilities. It is an optional path everyone defines by his own behavior in the present.

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