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On NH65 we drove back in direction to Jodhpur, but turned after 18km to the right and stopped after some meters in front of an open gate, which was inserted in a, as it seemed hastily erected large wall. On first view we believed to be in front of an undeveloped real estate. But on closer examination the impression was different.


The iron-made entry gate had an unusual shape and was decorated with Jain symbols, directly carved into the background. Quite the work of a normal-course-of-life artist.


Behind the entry gate a path led to a circular building, where the Surana family decidedly headed for.


Approaching the building it became clear that it is a temple not yet finalised.


The building seemed rather provisory and made wonder in many respects. What appeared somewhat lost,…


are all shrines of Padmavati.


108 statues of Padmavati, one of the two snake goddess attendants of 23. Tirthankara Parshvanath, lined up in in their shrines forming a circle.


In the midst of the 108 Padmavati shrines is the Garbhagriha, which can be approached through Toranas guarded by the snake goddesses Devendra (l) and Padmavati (r).


Padmavati on a shrine decorated with snake hooks.




Parshvanath with his attendants Padmavati (r) und Devendra (l).


Shrine for the snake god, depicted in a half-relief, who


is said to have embodied several times at the place where the Padmavati Temple is now.


The Bheru ji from the clan of gnomes and mountain trolls is said to have magical powers.


Same is said about the Bhairav.


A cobra home as usual in quite some Parshvanath Temples.


In case of a cobra’s appearance it will be seen as embodiment of the snake god and likewise venerated.


Leaving the temple we were attracted by this unusual lady. Please compare her face with that on the poster!


In fact we met here with Shrimati Chandra, owner and initiator of the Padmavati Temple!

She welcomed us, arms wide open, like old friends. She wanted to know who we are and where we are from. Then she told us of her vision long time ago. She was passing here on the field of her family on her way to the well. Since then, all she was longing for was to erect on this place a temple in honour of Padmavati Mata, attendant of 23. Tirthankara Parshvanath. Continually she had experienced encouragement when it again seemed impossible to reach her aim. But in the course of time more and more people started listening to her and supported her, in the beginning with very small, but lastly increasing donations. Two years before we met her on this Sunday in February the first cut with a spade had started construction, and now even completion was near. When asked for the message to the interested she said, “Everyone should remain true to that dream implying an objective and not to be put off, even when it takes plenty of time for realisation, and not to be taken aback even when many are laughing.“


Before returning to Jodhpur another picture was taken.


Here a completely new quarter of Jodhpur is going to be constructed,…


actually still out of town.


City boundary.


Will the house and the road still be there next year in view of the fast development of the city?

We returned to the house of the Surana family in Sardarpura at 13:00h, and they invited us for lunch there. After the meal we had some nice talks. Suddenly Shri Surana entered the room with a beautiful statuette of Mahavira in his hands, which he endowed to us!  We were very surprised and touched. In addition he donated the book of his brother-in law Prakash Sancheti “Navkar Mahamantra” on the meaning of Namokar Mantra and other Jain values, especially Ahimsa and respect of life in all its facets. Also the permission for publication in HereNow4U was given to us. The book is written in Hindi and English language.

With full hearts we thank the Surana family for the excursions we undertook together and the therewith connected unforgettable memories of Jodhpur.

Slideshow: Jodhpur ►Padmavati Mata Tempel

Photos by HN4U
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