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Published: 17.06.2013
Updated: 01.04.2014

It was late afternoon when we started for the central square in front of the Fort. There always Motor Rikshas were available. This time we decided to drive up the hill on Motor Riksha. The thought was based on the reflection that at a place like Jaisalmer a tourist attraction like Suri Dungar certainly can be reached not only by exhausting footways. As we had plenty of time left until sunset, we first took some tea on the place around the corner from the hotel. Then we softly moved in direction of the Fort.


On this seat we took tea around the corner of the hotel


Jaisalmer Fort in the afternoon sun


surrounded by flittering birds

The decision to take a Motor Riksha Suri Dungar upwards was right. We were in time at the place, but looking skywards invited doubts to experience sunset as hoped for.


All seemed to be very near.

2013.02.18 Jaisalmer 02858 View from Suri Dungar

View on Fort from Suri Dungar


View over the old town to the horizon with plenty of wind engines


The Fort was painted golden by the evening sun.


Suri Dungar 15 minutes before sunset

Until 18:00h the weather was stable, but thereafter the white clouds at the horizon became more compact. Exactly where we actually wanted to watch a marvelous sunset. We used the opportunity to have closer look at the situation from above.   


We had seen these houses the eve already.


And here the stairs! The construction work meanwhile was completed.

As it happens, the stairs up to Suri Dungar were just around the corner from our hotel as we were told by Jag when he first mentioned it. So we planned due to the mounting up clouds to return a third time on next evening.

2013.02.18 Jaisalmer 02860 View from Suri Dungar

Sunset is near

Downstairs we went back by foot and carefully noticed the way for next visit.


Downstairs and straight ahead to the main road.


Turning left from the main road and then straight ahead to the stairs.


Opposite fruit and vegetable stand

Opposite the junction was a rather frequented fruit and vegetable stand which we kept in mind in case of need. Directly beside the stand a street branched from the main street into the main market.


Buzz of activity towards main market

On our way back we did not head for the market as all traders were busily clearing their stands before closure. Instead we continued our way back to the hotel on the main road and then turned left. The distance to our hotel from there was less than 100m, and in front of the latter we looked down the road.


Main road in Jaisalmer in the evening

There was hardly traffic on the main road in the evening, like it had been the other evenings as well. No traffic jam, just peaceful coming-down of activities.


Photos by HN4U
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