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Published: 13.06.2013
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About 30 minutes we drove across Thar Desert. The landscape did not look much different from the sand dunes, but without sand. Shrubs and desert grass formed the modest vegetation. Our next destination was Lodurva Parshvanath Temple, which we reached after plenty of turns and crossings on roads of low category. The alone standing temple complex nevertheless is in a distance of about 10km in north western direction from Lodurva village. Lodurva, also Lodruva or Lodhruva or Lodarva, was situated on an old, but not very safe trading route crossing Thar Desert, and from 9th to 12th century it was the capital of Bhatti Rajputs. The temple complex with Lodurva Parshvanath Temple was built in 1152, short before the Bhatti Rajputs decided to shift their capital to Jaisalmer and to construct the Fort on a strategically advantageous hill. In 17th century the meanwhile deteriorated temple area was reconstructed, and the same had to be done in the 1970s. Again and again reconstruction work has to be done, as the temple complex is a popular tourist destination.


Torana inside the temple complex framed by a rather high stone wall, entrance in the background


Peacock promenading on the wall, partly view (l) on Kalpavriksha, a mythological wish-fulfilling tree, and on porch roof.


Metal Kalpavriksha on a stone pyramid

The Kalpavriksha has been erected where once a living tree is said to have grown. The celestial tree made of 8 metals, called “Eternal Tree” symbolizes enlightenment. Its copper leaves are believed to fulfill wishes.


Artfully carved side of Lodurva Parshvanath Temple


Entry Lodurva Parshvanath Tempel


Entry hall with ornamented columns with view on the artful outer walls

One of the Lodurva Parshvanath Temple’s characteristics is the conical upwards directed, artfully breached outer wall. The whole temple complex is surrounded by rather high stone walls. Sometimes fierce peacocks are promenading on it, as we were lucky to experience. Beside the main temple dedicated to 23rd Tirthankara Parshvanath, there are shrines devoted to 3rd Tirthankara Sambhavanatha, 23rd Tirthankara Parshvanatha, 1st Tirthankara Rishabhanatha, 2nd Tirthankara Ajitanatha.


Entry of Parshvanath shrine


Parshvanath sculpture made of black marble, flanked by two Parshvanath statuettes of white marble inside Parshvanath shrine


Relief of polished sandstone with celestial tree and golden Tirthankara statuette inside Rishabhanatha shrine


Photos by HN4U
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