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Published: 09.05.2013
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In the temple were still very many people. Most of them were forming a queue to a flower decorated aisle. There was the destination all were concerned with. The atmosphere was solemn but nevertheless cheery. The encounter for which all were queuing so patiently had apparently an uplifting effect on the followers. It was after a look in their faces that this conclusion came up.


Patiently the followers were waiting.


Deeply moved they returned to their seats.

Some put on a mouth cover in the form of a kerchief brought especially for this encounter to the temple. Then the moment came. I also had queued and had a glimpse on the famous Mulnayak Shri Nakodaji, the sculpture of 23rd Tirthankara Parshvanath over the shoulders of those in front of me.

2013.02.13 Nakoda Parshvanatha Temple 01699

2013.02.13 Nakoda Parshvanatha Temple 01702 Shri Nakodaji

2013.02.13 Nakoda Parshvanatha Temple N0625

Mulnayak Shri Nakodaji

Flickering oil lamps to the right and left of the Mulnayak brightened the semi-darkness filled with the spiritual vibrations and the devotion of the attendees. All this gave a feeling of security in the adoration of a higher state of being, far beyond human reach. At the same moment an atmosphere of belonging together was created, which was expressed in the harmonic gestures performed by all. In this location simply is a lot of love. 




Nakoda Bherav, patron saint for journeys and conclusions of a business transaction

Near the Mulnayak Nakoda Bherav is adored because of his magical powers. The followers address him for their worldly wishes and sorrows. After this moving sojourn in the temple we first sat down on the stairs before keeping our promise to bid farewell from the manager and the treasurer of the temple. Herewith we express again our heartily thanks for their support.


Before bidding farewell we all gathered for a photo (f.r.): Manager V. R. Singhvi, Treasurer Ganpatchand Patwari, Carla Geerdes, Christian Geerdes

Our new friends invited us to take lunch in the big dining hall and handed over two lunch tickets to us. Certainly hundreds of pilgrims may take their meals in the big dining hall. We enjoyed a very good lunch and contemplated on the impressions of this morning. Outside the temple complex life had reached its average speed again.


Bustling activity in front of the temple complex


Teatime, please.


Nakoda Dadabari on a hill in front of the temple complex

While we were trying to conquer our fatigue after the meal with a tea, we saw a small temple in front of us on a hill harmoniously integrated into the environment. I was curious enough to find out what it was about this small temple on the hill. So I decided to combat weariness with climbing up the stairs to the temple on the hill. At the top it became clear that there is a Dadabari to honour the Dada Gurus, the great Jain teachers and monks.


View into the hall inside Dadabari with sculptures of Dada Gurus


View on the whole temple complex and the environmental hills


The way down is easier than the way up...

This short expedition was really effective against fatigue. But now it was time to leave for Tapra.

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