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12.02.2013 Balotra - Tapra

At 07:45h approximately we reached Balotra Junction. Sometime before sun had risen and already surmounted the top of the trees around the station. We were looking for a taxi to Tapra, but realised then that we were on the wrong side of the station. The question was whether to walk over the rails or take the street outside and pass the manned crossing. Too tired for experiments! After all, there were two trains in the station, one about to move in our direction. That one we just had left.

2013.02.12  Balotra 01456 Junction

The train to Delhi (r) is just arriving (r), to Barmer (l) still was halting.

2013.02.12  Balotra 01459

Swami Dharmananda also was for the first time in Balotra.

So we behaved well and crossed the rails loaded with our luggage at the manned crossing in the direction we hoped to find a taxi. Swami Dharmananda already had succeeded in finding a motor Riksha and agreeing on an acceptable fee, when I came near, happy enough to deposit my burden. So we chugged unhurried 12km to Tapra. It still was rather cool, and an icy wind was blowing. Very soon the sun would do its heating. In Tapra we first hurried to HH Acharya Mahashraman. As usual, his room was crowded with devotees, but he gifted everybody with his own personal warm-hearted smile. He remembered us and even recalled our names. 16:00h in the afternoon we got the occasion for an extended talk with him, grace to Swami Dharmananda. The monks surrounding HH are holding a good balance in this regard, as giving an opportunity to everyone. Too happy on the encounter to take photos, we only realised this when outside again.

2013.02.12  Tapra  01461

Swami Dharmananda knows the climate in Rajasthan so good that he had a woolen cap at hand in the windy taxi.

2013.02.12  Tapra  N0399

A little exhausted, but arrived at destination. Swami Dharmananda's shawl did good service.

Joyfully we went to Terapanth Centre some houses away. Generally Tapra was very easy to overlook. Because there was really limited space, it only had been possible to erect a small temporary colony for visitors near the assembly tent, but it was visible that the facilities were not sufficient. Therefore we were not the first who on this morning had some request. The volunteers from Tapra did their best to respond adequately to all. Admirable what they had managed already. Swami Dharmananda was given the address of an accommodation in Balotra, he paid, and quickly we got back there by three-wheeler.

2013.02.12  Balotra 01466 Oshwal Bhawan

Pleasant prospects!

Shower, stretch, and relax! More did not come to our minds when seeing this. Second thought was what had to be supplied. Toilet paper in the first range. The condition of the bathroom will not be commented here. Only that it was attached to the room, a rarity as Swami Dharmananda had told us before. For lunch we were expected back in Tapra, so Swami Dharmananda and I went out in the fresh morning of Balotra. Christian Geerdes meanwhile took care of the photo equipment.

2013.02.12  Balotra N0404

The cows were digesting their breakfast, and the marketers waited for customers.

2013.02.12  Balotra N0405

Even in the cold season (here they do say winter!) all are early birds.

2013.02.12  Balotra N0407

Oh, surprise, tourists, welcome! But for what the chillies are on the lamp? Nice game of colours anyway.

2013.02.12  Balotra N0411

Hardly we came near this shop, all employees came out for a photo and asked us to come inside.

2013.02.12  Balotra N0412

Not only outside, but also inside the supermarket was very good-looking. Here Madjan presents his well sorted division of household articles.

2013.02.12  Balotra N0413

Staple foods as dried pulse are very well presented in a broad choive.

2013.02.12  Balotra N0418

Manager Panwar Naresh (l), Kemrag (M) und Vikran (r) at their neat and clean workplace Saheli Apne Bazar.

Saheli Apne Bazar is one of the NGO “Ladies Cooperative Society Maharani Lakshmi Bhai” ‘s supermarket. This NGO supports education and development of women in India. All profits from the supermarket go to the NGO, and all staff is employed by it. The society is named after the in India very famous Shrimant Akhand Soubhagyavati Maharani Lakshmi Devi Bai Sahiba of Dhar (India), in short Maharani Lakshmi Bai who is mentioned in the list "Women in Power 1900-1940" and had 1926-31 a leading position in the princely state of Dhar in northern central India, nowadays Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh. Many education institutions for women had been named after her. The answer to my question, why women do not work here then, was, “Women here do not work, they are all at home.” However, even here no toilet paper was available. The employees of the supermarket and Swami Dharmananda were in doubt about any in the whole town. OK, then napkins. They were available.

2013.02.12  Balotra N0420

Stop! Please take my photo.

Short after we were on the street again, a boy stopped his bicycle directly in front of my feet and pointed on my camera. Please remember me with my new trousers and that we have met this morning in my hometown Balotra, his body language communicated approximately. Talking together was not possible, as we did not share common language. But after the picture taken he satisfied remounted his bike and continued his way.   

2013.02.12  Balotra N0422


This cow was the cause for noisy calls attracting my attention. Before she had marched straight in direction of the vegetables, but the market-woman had foreseen what was in the cow’s mind and drove her back with her loud voice. The cow seemed not to be involved and continued her way undisturbed in another direction.

2013.02.12  Balotra N0426

This candy seller has the right job!

2013.02.12  Balotra N0430

Adjacent his brother has a tea stall.

2013.02.12  Balotra N0431

For a photo they are smiling together.

2013.02.12  Balotra N0438

Please, take my picture also.

2013.02.12  Balotra N0440

Swami Dharmananda found here what he was looking for.

2013.02.12  Balotra N0443 Oshwal Bhawan

The entrance of Oshwal Bhawan where we were accomodated.

The people in the street were very welcoming, and we could have gone for longer to meet more of them in the streets. But our fatigue was objecting. For lunch we were awaited in Tapra, and until then we wanted some rest, take shower and change clothes. Even hot water had been announced. Wonderful refreshment after a night in the train.


Map: (A) Balotra - (B) Tapra

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