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Published: 01.04.2013
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2013.02.09  Delhi - Kinari Bazar N0282

Indraprastha Tirth Jain Swetamber Temple, also known as Delhi Sumatinath Jain Swetamber Temple after 5th Tirthankara Sumatinatha to whom it is dedicated.

A friendly guard took our cameras in custody. No, unfortunately taking own pictures was not permitted. Instead we got the web address with photos [ (12 Photos)] These pictures are not shown here, because according to our view they are not matching with the originals, which really are stunning:

The temple is one of the eldest in Delhi, what is shown in the name of “Indraprastha”. Indraprastha is the ancient term for Delhi, long before Delhi got significance being the capital of India. Its origins are said to go back to the Pandavas of Mahabharata about 1500 years ago. According to some sources the Pandavas were Jains and dedicated followers of 5th Tirthankara Sumatinatha. Anyhow, the temple got his present shape of white marble at the end of the 18th century during Mogul empire (1526 - 1858).

City Secret - Jain Svetambar Temple, Kinari Bazaar
Photo:Mayank Austen Soofi

Even the floor of the temple has an extraordinary design. View on Mogul arches and Garbhagriha in the background.

The interiors are lavishly equipped with precious materials like Belgian glass and mirror mosaics. Arches decorated with gold together with excellently designed marble plates and selected sculptures and paintings are forming a location alluding to celestial landscapes of timeless beauty. The temple is dedicated to 5th Tirthankara Sumatinatha whose sculpture adorned with gold, silver, and precious stones is sitting a little elevated in the Garbhagriha, the sanctum sanctorum, flanked with equally splendid statues of 1st Tirthankara Adinatha, 2nd Tirthankara Ajitanatha, 22nd Tirthankara Neminatha. At their feet small statuettes of different Tirthankaras are installed. The sculptures of the Tirthankaras are framed with golden ornamented arches so-called Moghul arches, which clearly is seen on the photo. 


Garbhagriha, sanctum sanctorum of Indraprastha Jain Swetamber Temple with sculptures of Tirthankaras Adinatha (1st l), Neminatha (2nd l), Sumatinatha (m),??? (1st behind column), Ajitanatha (2nd r)..

Depictions of all 24 Tirthankaras do not differ, except for the symbols attributed to them. They only can be identified if a symbol is applied on the chair cushion or the pedestal. The column hides this part of the Tirthankara sitting to the right of Sumatinatha. Sumatinatha is wearing a halo of sun rays. All Tirthankaras seem to be illuminated by a heavenly glow. This effect is produced by adding pure gold or silver to the marble sculptures, whereas all the statuettes are made from gold only. Gold, silver, marble, and precious stones have been chosen for adequate depicture and ornament of the Tirthankaras because of their purity.


On many of the centuries-old paintings events of the life of a Tirthankara are shown. The colours for the paintings have been made of gold, rough gemstones, and water according to a traditional procedure.


Door made of pure silver surrounded by ancient paintings.

City Secret - Jain Svetambar Temple, Kinari Bazaar
Photo:Mayank Austen Soofi

Traces of time are requiring an elaborate restoration by an expert.

City Secret - Jain Svetambar Temple, Kinari Bazaar
Photo:Mayank Austen Soofi

The statuettes daily are adorned with fresh roses and anointed with sandalwood paste.


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