Samavasarana Painting

Published: 30.12.2012
Updated: 30.12.2012
Painting of Samavasarana

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Jain doctrine states that there would be four tiers [levels] in the circular hall where the Samavasarana would be held.

The first and highest would be for the Tirthankara and his Ganadharas, or disciples. It would have a cushion that is shaded by a tree twelve times the height of the Tirthankara.

The second tier would be for humans, and the third for animals.

The fourth would be an area to park the vehicles and modes of transportation in which the visitors would arrive.

According to Jainism, there would be gates on all sides of the hall. The total size of the hall would be 12 km² and the area on which it sits would have been cleaned and leveled pneumatically.

Samavasarana Paintings

Painting of Samavasarana (Assembly hall) of a Jain Tirthankara.
It depicts various beings who come to hear the preachings of the Jina peacefully.


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