Ten Days Journey Into The Self

Published: 24.07.2012
Updated: 31.07.2012


Friends. Without the seed of divinity within us, no human being would exist. Because of the divinity within us, we move, think, love, give and receive. Do not be misled by what you see in the world around you, the passing show with its violence, commercialism, greed for possessions, and lust for power. We are incarnations of the Life Energy of the Cosmos, evolving as we, here and now, transform ourselves. For this transformation which is Self-realization, we need meditation. In meditation, we enter, we experience, we prepare to express our divinity. This seed of divinity within each of us is the Creative Force, but each of us must contact it. Each of us must commit himself to living as a source of love and of light.


Gurudev Chitrabhanu
Compiled by:
Elizabeth Cattell
Jain Meditation International Center, New York
5. Edition 2002
HN4U Online Edition:
Ten Days Journey Into The Self


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