Jain Center Of New Jersey

Published: 25.06.2012
Updated: 02.07.2015


Jain Center of New Jersey,
233 Runnymede road,
Essex Fells, NJ 07021  

Phone: (973) 226 - 2539
E-Mail :- info[at]jaincenternj.org
Web: http://www.jaincenternj.org

The Jain Center of New Jersey is one of the oldest Jain organizations in North America. Established at Essex Fells in 1981, for Jains living in New Jersey and create a close-knit community, the Center has since then grown into a citadel of Jainism in the United States.

The principles and values of Jainism are nurtured and practiced by members of the Center through a range of activities throughout the year. These activities, participated in with great devotion and enthusiasm, not only encourage the practicing of Jain fundamentals in the United States, but also help to propagate and preserve the values taught by Jainism for generations to come.

The Jain Center of New Jersey is on the path of expansion, with the building of a new temple and assembly hall underway to accommodate the Center’s ever-growing membership and participation.


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